How to monetize your blog or vlog aka video blog?

Now that you have got a gist about how a career as a blogger or as a vlogger works. It’s time to know how to monetize your blog or vlog aka video blog? A lot of money can be made

Maintaining a good Social Media Profile

Maintaining a good Social Media Profile

Can your Social Media Profile affect your Job Prospects? So, when did you last checked-in to your social profile on Facebook or Twitter? If you don’t own one just buck up and create it, dude! It is high time that

What is LinkedIn and how to make a LinkedIn profile

What is LinkedIn and how to make a LinkedIn profile

Is LinkedIn worthwhile your job search?  Why go bananas searching a job online by signing up on every single job search site? Simply, create a profile on LinkedIn- a professional platform to make connections, with people. It’s not a top

Career in Vlogging

How to start a career in Vlogging

Vloggers are the new celebrities of the internet age! Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? The revolution in the internet era and the impact of the world wide web has created yet another career option for the lads of the society. It’s

Career in Blogging

Starting a Career as a Blogger

Good news is that the internet has become ‘the need of the hour’. This means more potential readers for your blog. Most of the people still don’t give a thought to make blogging as a full-time career option. It can

Tips for planning a trip

Tips for planning a trip

Vacation often starts with a wonderful idea and then eventually end up being a nightmare to manage. So we would like to share some of our tips on how to plan for your trip. 1. Decide your budget: Location plays

Managing your busy schedule

Managing your busy schedule

Health and fitness do not necessarily mean to lose fats or lose weight. Many times students find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to busy schedules and studies. Studying, reading, writing, assignments, practical’s, classes, lectures can all be

Knowledge of IT Skills

How to acquire right knowledge of IT Skills?

The correct time to acquire knowledge of IT Skills There is no such thing called a right time to learn new things in IT. In the field of IT each day a new technology is born and the technologies get

technical interview preparations

The What, Why & How Of Technical Interview Rounds

What is a Technical Interview Round? If you apply for a job that requires technical knowledge or skillsets, then one of the penultimate rounds will most probably be the technical interview round. The technical interview round is used to test

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