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C++ and C Programming Language

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c and c++


C++ and C Programming Languages are the widely used computer languages. Everyone who is interested in programming and wants to start a career in the software sector should learn C Programming. It is the fundamental building block of all programming languages. C and C++ are the foundations of all programming languages, including java, c, and any object-oriented programming language. 

Here is your opportunity to learn and excel C Programming Language as well as C++. Get started with your programming journey with our C and C++ Bundle Course. 

HRISHI ONLINE BUDDHI C and C++ Online Training Course will teach you all of the fundamentals of C and C++ from the ground up before moving on to more complex topics. You can code different programs on C Compiler Online and test your concepts. 

Every topic in this course is described with example programmes to help you grasp the concepts better. There are many practical examples in this course, and you will learn the course by practising the code as you progress through it.

By the end of this C and C++ Training Course you will be able to:

  • Write your own C and C++ code
  • Understand all the aspects of the Object Oriented Programming in C++
  • Write and modify any C or C++ code according to the requirements

Enroll for the C & C++ Programming Language Online Course today and avail up to 50% off on the course. Visit our website to register for the C & C++ Programming Language Online Video Course

C++ and C difference between them?

There are a lot of applications of the C programming languages. C is a clearly defined language that can be used for practically any task. C is machine-independent and has been used to develop applications such as Windows, Linux, and mobile kernels, as well as databases such as Oracle, for the past 50 years. C is a low-level programming language that has influenced the development of many other languages such as Java.

C++ is quite similar to C, and it can compile roughly 99% of C applications without requiring any code modifications. C++ is also a general-purpose programming language that can be used to construct a wide range of applications. C++ is used extensively in applications such as Spotify, YouTube, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, and even Amazon.

Despite their similarities, C++ and C Differences in these programming languages should be treated as such. There are still unique use cases for both C and C++ today, some 50 years after their development. To decide whether you should learn C or C++, think about the type of programme you intend to use your newfound skills in.


Candidates with extensive understanding of  C++ and C programming have bright prospects and several options. If you’re unfamiliar with the field of C/C++ programming, you’ve come to the correct place. Here, we’ll look at the several options available to someone who possesses the necessary skills in the C/C++ programming language. Here are some of the features which will benefit the candidates in the C and C++ Online Course.

Course Duration:

Candidates can complete both the C++ and C Programming Course in 26.5 hours. There will be recorded video sessions which have been instructed by our expert mentors. You will learn everything from scratch about both programming languages. 


The C and C++ Online Training will be available to the candidates in Hindi language so that the candidates understand all the topics without any language barrier. 

Doubt Clearing Sessions:

There will be doubt clearing sessions conducted every week so that the candidates can solve all the doubts they have and continue the course with ease. 


On completion of the C and C++ Programming Online COurse, candidates will be given a ISO Certification which will highlight your resume over the other applicants for the interviews and recruitments.

Lifetime Access:

All with all these benefits, candidates will also have a lifetime access to the courses they have enrolled for so that they can come back and refer to the modules if stuck.


Once candidates have completed the C++ and C Programming Language Online Video Course, they will be awarded with an ISO Approved Certificate which will help you stand out from the competition during placements and recruitments. 

This C++ and C Online Training Certificate will be awarded to the candidates at the end of the course. If at all the candidates could not complete the course, no certificate will be provided.  

Why opt for the C & C++ Programming Language Online Course?

We all know that there are situations where either C or C++ is the better choice among the various programming languages choices which we have.

C++ is by far the most widely used programming language in the world. As previously said, many programming positions in the workforce demand C++ proficiency to be considered.

Many applications are written wholly in C++, whereas programmes written solely in C are uncommon. Even operating systems based on C are known to leverage C++ in other areas to add complexity and features.

If you’re new to coding, the skills you’ll acquire from object-oriented C++ can be applied to other languages, including Java, JavaScript, and Python.

Career Prospects

When it comes to Computer Science, practically everyone today is at least familiar with the terms “C and C++ programming.” Even those with a non-technical background are familiar with these languages. The foundation of the Information Technology sector began with basic languages such as C and C++. C continues to rule the industries even after several decades of its introduction.

Some of the job position which the C and C++ programmers can opt for are:

As a C and C++ programmer, your pay is determined by your skill level, certifications, and experience. Implementing complicated data structures and algorithms in C/C++ provides you a distinct advantage over someone who only understands the language’s basic syntax and operation.

The pay scale for a C and C++ programmer in India ranges from 2 lakhs to 30 lakhs per year. A newbie who has completed a 2-3 month C programming certification course is likely to be employed by a small business. His annual salary would most likely be about 2 lakhs.


There are several benefits which the candidates will have learning with us. We provide one of the best C Programming Courses and the top C++ Course. 

If you are eager to learn both C++ and C Programming Languages, HRISHI ONLINE BIDDHI got you all covered with the bundle course and career counselling which we are providing you with. Taught by industry experts this C++ and C Programming Online Course will help you get a step further to entering the software industry. Enroll in today and avail all the benefits along with great deals on the courses.

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