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Learn How MS-CIT Changed Computer Literacy



Hi! Do you know to operate a computer? Want to learn to operate a computer? Then one should consider taking the MS-CIT Course. MS-CIT (Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology) is an information technology course that was started by MKCL in 2001. It has made millions of learners IT literate to date. And has become one of the most popular IT literacy courses and is the most demanded Basic Computer Course in Maharashtra. After completing this course, you are expected to be a confident and versatile user of Information Technology.

Computer literacy is very important for a student as computer and internet have evolved our lives and have opened doors to knowledge, information, work, communication, business etc. MS-CIT is course which is thought in every corner in Maharashtra, because there are still many people who don’t have computer knowledge it’s mostly people of the age bracket above 30 as when they were in school or Collage they didn’t get so much computer knowledge as the students are getting now. So hence MS-CIT course helped a lot for these people as the course content is designed in a way that all individual’s, irrespective of their age group can learn it. And we are living in an age where Computers are used everywhere and If you have a desk job then a person has to have basic computer knowledge.

Teachers working in government aided schools, to get a rise in their salary have to pass the MS-CIT Course. It is also so that they are ready to teach in smart classroom as technology is taking over in all the field.

Anyone can do this course the only thing required is that one should have the desire to learn and be a 10th passed student (Not compulsory).

MS-CIT Course have helped many people who didn’t have knowledge about how to use a computer in many ways like a housewife can help her children in completing their projects, A Senior Citizen can pay their electricity bill, book gas online without any help and ease from home.

MS-CIT course consist of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, internet, reading and understanding the basics of computer, hands-on practice sessions. It covers the various basic concepts, terminology and large number of interesting and helpful applications of Information Technology in everyday life. These are the basic software a person has to know if he wants a desk job in a company.

The government also looks at the center setup in which the courses is been offered like each center should have Counseling area, Lecture room, Computer laboratory and Miscellaneous area and facilities. If you are looking for an institute with MS-CIT course Hrishi Computer Institute offers MS-CIT course with many other Courses. We are a top Institute providing detailed Training with Personal attention. Get the much-needed MS-CIT certification from the most Preferred Computer Training Institute in Vasai. All the basic Computer Lessons with e-learning is Taught. Below find all the Computer Lessons for Beginners along with the Full Syllabus and Details. We even give job placement on completion of course. For More info visit us at

Hrishi Online Buddhi

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To encourage the continuity of education for several students at home Hrishi Computer Education has a digital learning program – HRISHI ONLINE BUDDHI.

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