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The Duty of a Science teacher is to teach middle and high school students about general science and help them understand the basic as well as in-depth concepts of High school science. A teacher will be required to explain complex concepts in an easy way so that the students can understand them.

Are you Interested in building a career as a Science Teacher?

To build a career as a Science Teacher you need first to understand the Job profile and responsibilities of the Science Teacher’s Career

This blog gives you a clear idea of what becoming a Science Teacher in India is like.

Skills Abilities

Science Teachers are required to teach a class full of students and anyone in the teaching sector must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in order to communicate fully with the class.

Science Teachers have several classes to teach throughout the day, hence it is important for them to be organized. Being organized can help them prepare for each class, ensuring they have all the materials and resources they need to teach effectively. Organization can also help Science Teachers manage their time effectively, allowing them to prepare for each class in a timely manner.

Science Teachers are required to teach multiple courses to multiple classes in a given academic year. They have to complete the entire syllabus and take tests on the same and have to do it in a given time period. Having good time management skills can help them excel in their work.

Job Description

Science teachers are an integral part of a School Education System as Science is one of the core subjects in any School Curriculum in India they also play an important role in helping students develop valuable life skills like critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving. They have to interact with the students on a daily basis and work in a school classroom setting and they may also spend time outside of class preparing lessons or grading assignments.


  1. Educational Qualifications: Typically, you’ll need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field, such as physics, chemistry, biology, or a specialized science education program. Some institutions may require a master’s degree in science education or a related field for higher-level positions.
  2. Teacher Certification/Licensure: Most regions or countries require science teachers to hold a teaching certification or license. The specific requirements for obtaining a teaching certification vary depending on your location. Generally, you’ll need to complete a teacher education program, which includes coursework in education principles, teaching methods, and student teaching. Additionally, you may need to pass examinations or fulfill other requirements set by the relevant education board or regulatory body.
  3. Subject Knowledge: As a science teacher, you should have a solid understanding of the scientific concepts and principles related to the subjects you’ll be teaching. Your coursework and degree in a science-related field contribute to building this subject knowledge. Staying updated with the latest developments in science and education is crucial for effective teaching.
  4. Teaching Experience: While not always mandatory, having teaching experience can enhance your eligibility as a science teacher. Gaining experience through student teaching, internships, or volunteering in educational settings demonstrates your ability to work with students and manage a classroom effectively.
  5. Additional Requirements: Depending on your location, you may need to fulfill additional requirements, such as background checks, fingerprinting, or specific training related to child protection and safety. These requirements ensure the safety and well-being of students under your care.

Top Colleges

Best Colleges in India

Colleges Location
LSR College Delhi
Kasturi Ram College Of Higher Education NCR
JMI Delhi
MDU Rotak
Amity University UP

Best Colleges in Mumbai

Colleges Location
Dr. D.y. Patil Vidya Pratishthan Society’s Pune
BTTC Mumbai
TSCER Mumbai
Pushpanjali College Of Education Mumbai
CSSSM Mumbai

Job Opportunities

Career Description 
Math Teacher: Math teachers work at schools and other institutions. They teach the principles of the Math, using different methods to deliver successful courses. Math teacher responsibilities can vary based on the academic level.
Standardized Test Developer: Standardized Test Developer is someone who creates a nationwide test and helps to evaluate them.
Science professor: Science professors teach college-level courses in PCM, either as large lecture classes or small seminars. At schools with graduate programs, they may also serve as research mentors for master’s and Ph.D. students.
Daycare Teacher: A Daycare Teacher watches children whose parents work full-time or part-time. They plan creative activities for entertaining them and aiding their intellectual development. They also encourage positive interactions among other kids at the center, providing a safe place to grow.

Key Result Areas

  • Conducting Training: They are required to conduct training with the employees and help them learn.
  • Maintaining Training Material: they have to Maintain a proper library of training Materials such as Videos, Files, etc.
  • Developing Programs: They have to Prepare hard copy training materials such as module summaries, videos, and presentations.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Engagement Score: They are required to help the employees grow and with good work they can boost employee engagement. 
  • Productivity Over Time: One metric could be time spent on tasks, which can be tracked with employee time-tracking software. These scores are then used to assess the manager and compare it against other managers in the same department.
  • Feedback: The Best way to measure work efficiency is by getting Feedback from the employees.

Work Environment

Science Teachers can be found working in a variety of settings including public and private schools, colleges and universities, adult education programs, and correctional institutions. They typically work a standard 40-hour week, although some may work part-time.


Average Literacy India Teacher salary in India is 1.9 Lakhs per year, however, salaries across India can vary due to various reasons such as experience level, organization, city, and more.


A Science Teacher’s Job is both challenging as well as satisfying. The pay for this job role is low however, After several years of teaching, many Science Teachers move into school administration, where they may serve as reading specialists, curriculum coordinators, or principals.


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What is the role of a Science Teacher?

A Science Teacher’s duty is to teach middle and high school students about general science. They help students understand basic and in-depth concepts of high school science by explaining complex concepts in an easy way.

What skills are required to become a Science Teacher?

Key skills include communication, organization, and time management.

What is the eligibility criteria to become a Science Teacher?

Typically, you’ll need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field. Some institutions may require a master’s degree in science education or a related field for higher-level positions. Most regions or countries require science teachers to hold a teaching certification or license.

What are the job opportunities for a Science Teacher?

Apart from teaching, Science Teachers can become Math Teachers, Standardized Test Developers, Science Professors, or Daycare Teachers.

What is the average salary of a Science Teacher in India?

The average salary for a Science Teacher in India is 1.9 Lakhs per year, but it can vary due to factors such as experience level, organization, city, and more.

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