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Any organization needs to keep its audience informed about its products and services. The primary goal of any business is to profitably market and sell its services or products. A job in advertising and marketing is a lucrative alternative because every firm focuses on tasks such as developing marketing strategies, doing market research, pricing, promotion, and advertising.

In the fast-rising Indian economy, a job in advertising is a lucrative option. Advertising agencies typically seek out extremely creative and brilliant individuals who can think independently while still working well in groups. Because this industry is so competitive, you must always be willing to give it all to succeed.

Companies get more options for promotion when new platforms emerge, necessitating the assistance of marketers. Marketing can be a lucrative career. Taking a marketing course can lead to a variety of professional opportunities. A career in marketing provides students with the opportunity to work in an engaging environment while also paying well.

Marketing and Advertising Requirements

This course, like all others, has some basic prerequisites. To pursue a profession in marketing and advertising, candidates must have these qualifications. To begin, individuals must pass class 12 from any school board and in any stream. However, the arts and commerce streams are preferred. Then you’ll need to get a bachelor’s degree in the field you’re interested in. The aspirant must then obtain a master’s degree in the relevant discipline. Throughout the degree, the candidate should strive for the highest possible grade. These are the prerequisites for pursuing a career in advertising and marketing.

Apart from these skills, the candidate needs to possess some extra skills as well. The candidates should have these skills to stand out from other students. The following are some of the skills that candidate should possess-

  • Communication- For marketers, nothing is more important than good communication. Being a good communicator also entails being able to communicate complex topics in straightforward ways. As a marketer, you must be able to speak up effectively and in simple terms.
  • Creativity- In an untapped market, having a creative personality and inventive ideas will allow you to develop content that will capture the attention of consumers.
  • Analytics- Marketing necessitates extensive research and analytical abilities, and for digital marketers, Google Analytics is at the center of both. One of the most critical talents for marketers today is the ability to use and understand data.
  • Teamwork- Because a successful advertising campaign necessitates the collaboration of a group of brilliant individuals, the ability to work as part of a team is essential. The success of a project is ultimately determined by the collective effort of the individuals involved.
  • Multitasking skills- Working in advertising and marketing often necessitates wearing a variety of hats. You must balance all of the tasks without risking any of them.
  • Time management- They depend on their time management skills to keep on track and meet deadlines. It’s critical to work with schedules, content calendars, templates, outlines, and detailed plans.

Marketing and advertising career eligibility

Stream Graduation/Diploma Post-graduation/ Diploma Doctoral
Candidates should clear Class 12th from a recognised board. Candidates should clear bachelor's degree or diploma from any esteemed university. Candidates should clear master’s degree or diploma from any esteemed university. Candidates can further study doctoral programs.
Pass with minimum 45% - 60% aggregate marks. Pass with minimum 45% - 60% aggregate marks. Pass with minimum 45% - 60% aggregate marks. They need to clear with a good percentage to get nice placements.
They can pursue any stream. After this they can be eligible for bachelor’s degree. They can pursue a degree in any relevant field. After this they can be eligible for a master’s degree. They can pursue a degree in any relevant field. After this they can be eligible for doctoral programs. They can pursue PhD. in a relevant field. This will make them eligible for a job.

How to pursue a career in marketing and advertising?

The following are some steps that will help you to pursue career in this field:

    1. Complete High school- A bachelor’s degree is required for most marketing and advertising jobs, and some employers prefer or require a graduate degree. It all starts with a high school graduation, regardless of which degree is finally earned. In high school, the candidate must achieve a minimum grade point average of 45-50 percent. They will only be eligible for admission to colleges or universities after that.
    2. Give entrance exam- Now, you have to sit the entrance examination to get admission in bachelor’s degree. You need to qualify at least minimum criteria. After passing the entrance exam, you can sit for a bachelor’s degree.
    3. Obtain Bachelor’s degree- Many marketing and advertising jobs require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement. A masters in advertising and marketing degree takes about two years to finish and is a popular major at most colleges and universities. To get into a post-graduate programme, try to maintain a 45-50 percent average. If you don’t want to pursue a degree, certificate courses are an option.
    4. Obtain Master’s degree- To study further, the candidate should enroll themselves in pg courses. They can pursue a master’s degree or pg diploma. This will increase their chances of getting good placements.
    5. Complete internships- An internship is a crucial stage in the process of seeking postgraduate work. The internship not only provides valuable actual and hands-on experience, but it also assists interns in gaining access to prospective employers and establishing professional relationships. Internships can take place during the summer of a bachelor’s programme or after graduation.
    6. Get the job- Now, you are ready to enter the corporate world. You can create a resume and apply for the job. You can choose the profession or specialization in which you want and then choose the job.

Marketing Career Courses

Undergraduate Courses Diploma courses Post-graduate courses
BBA Marketing Diploma in marketing management MBA in marketing
B.A Marketing Management & Retail Business Diploma in sales and marketing M.B.A Marketing & Sales Management
B.A Advertising, Sales Promotion & Sales Management Diploma in digital marketing M.B.A International Marketing Management
B.com Marketing Advanced Diploma in Advertising Sales Promotion & Sales Management M.B.A Software Marketing Management

Advertising Career Courses

Undergraduate Courses Diploma courses Post-graduate courses
Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising MA Advertising and Brand Management
BA Advertising and Brand Management Diploma in Advertising (Public Relations and Business Studies) MA Advertising
BA Advertising and PR Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising MA Advertising and PR
BA Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Sales Management Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communication MBA in advertising
BA Advertising -- MA Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Sales Management
Bachelors in Media Management -- --

Entrance exams for marketing and advertising

Exam Name Conducting Body Duration Frequency
IIMC Entrance test Indian Institute of Mass Communication 2 hours Once in a year
Xavier Institute of Communication Online Entrance Exam (XIC-OET) Xavier Institute of Communications 1 hour 30 minutes Once in a year
Delhi University Entrance Test (DUET) National Testing Agency (NTA) 2 hours Once in a year
Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) Jointly conducted by 14 universities 2 hours Once in a year
Common Admission Test(CAT) Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) 2 hours Multiple times a year
Management Aptitude Test (MAT) All India Management Association (AIMA) 2 hours 30 minutes Multiple times a year
Graduate Management Admission test(GMAT) Graduate Management Admission Council 2 hours 45 minutes Multiple times a year

Job profiles

Marketing graduates

Job Name Job Description
Brand Managers The Brand Manager is in charge of promoting a brand to a large audience. Before they can sell a product, they must believe in it. From the customer’s perspective, brand managers must establish a positive image of the product.
Market Research Analyst A Market Research Analyst analyses market data with statistical tools, generates reports and delivers them to management and clients.
Business development manager Creating new business opportunities, meeting existing targets, and accepting new difficulties as they arise are all part of their job description.
Public relation manager All actions linked to the organization's public relations must be coordinated by the PR Manager. They must also collaborate with teams from other departments.
Project manager They should ensure that all projects are completed on time. A Project Manager must manage many projects at the same time and communicate project requirements to team members.
Blog manager Your buyer profiles will be so well understood by your blog manager that published material will answer their requirements, wants, and issues.
Marketing operations manager Marketing operations specialists are in charge of tracking, measuring, and analyzing the performance of marketing campaigns to the company's overall objectives.

Advertising Graduates

Job Name Job Description
Copywriter People with this job title are in charge of coming up with concepts/ideas and highly targeted ad material for one or more clients. Copywriters must adapt to changes in format, copy, and media by the Client's strategies.
Account director People in this job role are in charge of both leading and managing the client's relationship with their company. Account directors must also ensure that their client's promotional and advertising goals are satisfied.
Art director The graphic production of general advertising campaigns for one or more accounts is the responsibility of the people in this job description.
Market research executive They are in charge of performing consumer behavior surveys. So that they may advise the creative and production teams on how to best communicate their message.
Advertising Designer They collaborate closely with customers and businesses to use type, photography, illustration, and color to create a statement. An advertising designer can work in a variety of mediums.
Media director They are in charge of monitoring media planning management, which includes budgets, costs, resource allocation, and strategic leadership.
Advertising Assistant Advertising assistants support advertising professionals and executives with administrative and marketing tasks.

Top colleges for Marketing and advertising graduates

Colleges Location
Indian Institute of Management (IITs) Different locations in india
Delhi University (DU) Delhi
NMIMS University Mumbai
Christ University (CU) Banglore
St. Xavier’s college Kolkata
Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) Delhi
University of Mumbai Mumbai
Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA) Ahmedabad
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Delhi
Parul University Vadodara
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) Dehradun

Internships for marketing and advertising graduates-

Advertising and marketing is a trendy industry for young professionals, because of the growing demand for professionals. Internships in advertising and marketing at a reputable media agency assist candidates get job experience that gives them a leg up on the competition. 

Internships provide you a competitive advantage over other applicants. You will gain practical experience and exposure. Internships with reputable companies are a good idea. This will give your resumes a significant boost.

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