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What is Special Education? A Detailed Overview

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What is Special Education


What is Special Education Introduction According to the Ministry of Human Resources Development, there are about 3.17 crore persons living with disabilities. To truly address the demands of a population of this size, India requires at least 20 lakh special educators. This brings us to the question, what is Special Education?

A career in special education is best for people who are passionate about educating and caring for children with disabilities. Individualized training for children with a variety of physical and mental disabilities is known as special education. Specialized training and instruction from well-trained special education specialists are required for children with severe disabilities. This is the essence of understanding what is Special Education.

Special education provides a number of career opportunities for children and persons with special needs, including teaching, instruction, and curriculum development. The primary responsibility of a special educator courses is to teach and engage children with a variety of difficulties. This is where the importance of knowing what is Special Education comes into play.

Special Education Teachers are well compensated, and the field provides a wide range of opportunities both domestically and internationally. In India, a special educator’s average monthly income is roughly INR 27,700.

Eligibility and Courses

Since the last decade, there has been a gradual increase in the demand for Special Educators. The following points will go through the measures that must be taken in order to become a successful Special Educator in depth.

Students must finish the basic education requirements in order to serve as a special educator. It is a challenging task to be a special educator. Patience is required when observing the progress of students in special education programmes. To work as a special education teacher, you must have completed your high school education. Students must have finished 10+2 with a 50 percent aggregate in any subject from a recognised institution.

Students interested in special educator courses must pass entrance exams administered by a number of schools and universities. Candidates must prepare for and take entrance examinations. There are a few more institutions and colleges that will accept applicants with a 10+2 grade point average.

Students must apply for admission to colleges to pursue a bachelor's degree in special education after completing 10+2.

 After finishing a bachelor's degree programme, candidates must apply for admission to a B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) programme in special education.

Candidates must enrol in an M.Ed. (Master of Education) programme in special education after successfully completing an undergraduate-level dual degree programme in special education.

  • After Undergraduate – To pursue a B.Ed. In Special Education, you must have a UG degree from any stream with minimum qualifying marks. A candidate might also pursue a master’s degree in education to further their knowledge in this sector. Admission to the B.Ed. or M.Ed. programme will be based on a competitive admission exam or merit. Some colleges admit students based on their performance in the qualifying examination, while others admit students based on their grades in the qualifying examination.

Top Colleges

Entrance Exam

Special education, like any other professional course, has its unique set of requirements. There are a range of possibilities for pursuing the courses, ranging from Certificate courses to Undergraduate studies. A handful of the courses that can be taken to become a Special Educator are listed below.

Level III of the CFA

The financial management and investment management sections of the CFA Level 3 examination are the emphasis of the test. The level 3 examination lasts 4 – 5 hours and is divided into two parts. After passing a test in May, applicants can become CFA charterholders. This was the last level before applicants could be certified also as CFA.

Job Profiles

Special educators have work profiles that are very different from those of other jobs or professions. Special educators are hired in schools that give instruction to students with special needs. Teachers, on the other hand, are divided into numerous categories based on their credentials and expertise. The following are some job descriptions for special educators:



Q1: What is Special Education?

A1: Special Education is individualized training for children with a variety of physical and mental disabilities.

Who needs Special Education?

A2: Children with a variety of physical and mental disabilities need Special Education.

Q3: What are the career opportunities in Special Education?

A3: Special Education provides career opportunities such as teaching, instruction, and curriculum development.

Q4: What is the role of a Special Education Teacher?

A4: A Special Education Teacher’s role is to teach and engage children with a variety of difficulties.

Q5: What is the average income of a Special Education Teacher in India?

A5: The average monthly income of a Special Education Teacher in India is roughly INR 27,700.

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