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Maintaining a Good Social Media Profile

Can your Social Media Profile affect your Job Prospects?

Your social media profile affect your job

So, when did you last checked-in to your social profile on Facebook or Twitter? If you don’t own one just buck up and create it, dude! It is high time that you should be socially sound. Be it any field that you might have applied for. The hiring department keeps a keen eye on your social media profile as well.

Sometimes, they just search for a potential candidate online. Your profile on LinkedIn marks a dynamic impression on the recruiters. So make sure of these 3 things in your social profile:

1. There are no grammatical errors in your posts.

2. No bias or obscene post is shared.

3. A third most important thing that your id should be real if you own a fake or duplicate one; deactivate it immediately.

The basic websites all recruiters lookout to screen potential employees are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You are aware that recruiters do look at your LinkedIn profile, not only that your other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being tracked as well.

What do Recruiters check your Facebook profile?

Recruiters check your Facebook profile.

Now that you have got some idea why hiring managers check social media accounts, it’s good to know what they’re actually looking at particularly?

In Facebook

Facebook app

The concentration is on 4 prominent sections of your Facebook profile —  about me, posts uploaded, pages liked, and your photo albums.

About Me: Make sure to describe yourself and if it matches how you have done in your cv.

Photos:  Make sure the pictures you post online are decent and if you are tagged in some photos by your friends. Use an approval setting to allow or block posts on your timeline beforehand.

Posts: Make sure you write and share posts that do not prejudice and avoid getting engaged in toxic conversations.

Pages: Make sure you like pages relevant to your profession and join groups that will help you build connections with like-minded individuals.

Be clear of what’s on your FB page, all the posts that you do including the ones where you share photos of your last vacation, upload a picture of what you ate for dinner and usually tagged by your friends/family in the online memes.

Mr. Gunn was fired by Disney….

A perfect example of a post gone wrong is of director James Gunn who apparently, got fired for a post he shared in 2018.

Take a quick look at his twitter handle to understand the entire issue…

The Disney squad fired the director who was working on his sequel for Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy. But earlier this year itself Disney re-hired Mr. Gunn to direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

This case shows how being socially irresponsible can harm your career. Although he apologised for his remarks and brutal humour that hurt people. But broken glass can’t be mended like a person’s image.

Let’s have a look at recruiters Yes and No lists for a suitable profile:

Look at recruiters Yes and No lists for a suitable profile

The ‘Yes’ List includes:

  • Creative and Unique posts
  • Positive comments for your references, and recommendations
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Mention of Awards and Certificate if any
  • Genuine posts and comments about people around and the Colleagues, Bosses, and Organizations that includes both previous and current company.
  • Informative posts on Industry knowledge or Professional experience
  • Qualifications and proof of projects/work (that matches what is mentioned on the resume) 
  • Industry-related News and Trends posts shared
  • Sensible opinions and crisp Arguments

The ‘No’ List includes:

  • Personal information or negative comment on current or ex-company or boss or an employer.
  • Comments that are full of hatred and discrimination
  • Inappropriate Comments (that might be political, racist, gender-oriented)
  • Adult or Obscene posts or photos
  • Mention about Using Drugs or Drinking
  • Poor communication skills and use of foul language.
  • Education Qualifications (that do not reflect what is mentioned on the resume)


Checking out the social media profile of the job applicant has become one of the most used ways nowadays to find more about him or her – also to ensure whether he or she is a perfect fit for the company or not. Social Media is a huge platform and gives everyone a chance to express themselves. But making it work positively for your social image is in your fingers to be true. A minor mistake of a wrong post can either get you fired or scare off prospective employers.

On the other hand, in a country like the United States of America, they have social media privacy laws for people to safeguard their personal security. The third-party cannot ask the job applicant to reveal their login credentials or private information or ask them to accept their friend requests. So, this kind of hiring process serves in favor of the candidate as well. Looking at your social media profile a company can directly approach you for a job opportunity.

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