How to Become a Character Designer

How to Become a Character Designer: Step By Step Guide

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How to Become a Character Designer: Step By Step Guide

How to Become a Character Designer


Are you interested in learning how to become a character designer? Rendering is about the process of generating a photorealistic image from a 2D or a 3D Model using computer software, and the image resulting is called render. It is the job of the Rendering Artist to color, paint, sculpt, and shape images and drawings as any other artist does; however, a rendering artist does this exclusively with the help of Computer Graphics. Rendering is a technique that is usually used in fields like video games, animated movies, simulations, architectural designing, special effects, and design visualization. The techniques and features used in renderings are different from one project to another. If you’re passionate about character design, mastering rendering techniques is essential for your journey.

Job Description

The Character Designers are the ones responsible for visualising and creating the look and appearance of any individual Graphic Design characterin video games and animations. They build the character’s models with the help of Character design descriptiongiven by the director, that might include description and notes on a character’s personalities as well as physical traits
The character designers create character models by taking inspiration from the script as well as the concept art. They create the characters facial expression, poses, etc that helps the character communicate its personalities.

Job Role and Responsibilities



If you are a fresher who is looking to make a career as a character designer, then here are some of the best online certifications that you will definitely need to look out for to take your knowledge and expertise to a higher level.

Now, let’s view some of those certifications which you can opt for

1. Character Design for Beginners (Udemy)

This course designed by Rich Graysonn helps you to learn concept character design as well as generate ideas for characters in games, comics and illustration.

2. Create Detailed and Poseable Character in Adobe Illustrator

This course by Rafael John Regidor walks you through the tips, tricks and workflows to design your own game character in adobe illustrator.

3. The Ultimate Character Design School – Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)

This course created by Jaysen Batchelor and Quinton Batchelor will take you from beginner to advanced to learn the concept industries number one job skill to design unforgettable characters with different styles, body and poses.

4.Ultimate Guide to Drawing Animated Characters (Udemy)

This course taught by Austin Batchelor will show you how to draw energetic and appealing designs that will stand up as professional work.

5.The Ultimate 2D Game Character Design & Animation Course (Udemy)

This course by Jaysen Batchelor allows you to learn how to design and animate a character in Photoshop like a pro.

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Skills Required

1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

To be a part of an organization the character designer needs to be able to communicate with other artists and external coordinators. 

Talk with animators to make sure animations are properly implied in the game.

2. Listening Skills

The Character designer must have a good listening skill as they may need to understand and convey accurate information from the director to the animators.

3. Time management Skills

The character designer should meet tight scheduled deadlines, prioritise projects, and multi-task.

4. Creative Skill

The character designer needs to generate ideas, illustrate and storyboard.

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Work environment

The Character Design Career is Concentrated in the movie, television and gaming industry. There are a lot of character designers who work self employed, however, a character designer may also work in an office, such as a gaming studio, animation studio, advertising agency, publishing company, etc.

The schedule of character designers is usually extended to work late or on weekends and holidays if there are approaching deadlines.

Salary Package

On an average a Animation Character Design Artist earns about 1,00,000 INR to 3,00,000 INR per month depending on the artist’s skills, education and working experience. The amount could differ in different cities and firms.


The demand for Video Game Character designer professionals have increased with the rise of popularity of video games. Character designing is a very interesting job that requires you to show your creative side and be innovative. Besides that, character designer jobs pay a lot more money. In short, if you have a talent for artistics and are comfortable working with computer softwares, you can be a good Character designer.


Q1: What skills do I need to become a character designer?

A1: Strong drawing skills, understanding of anatomy, and proficiency in digital software like Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk Maya are essential.

Q2: Can I become a character designer without formal education?

A2: While a formal education in art or animation can be beneficial, many successful character designers are self-taught. What matters most is your portfolio and skill level.

Q3: How do I improve my rendering skills?

A3: Practice regularly, study tutorials, analyze artwork you admire, and seek feedback from professionals or online communities.

Q4: What industries hire character designers?

A4: Video game companies, animation studios, film production companies, advertising agencies, and toy manufacturers are among the many industries that hire character designers.

Q5: Is character design a lucrative career?

A5: The earning potential can vary depending on factors like experience, location, and industry. However, skilled character designers can earn competitive salaries and even royalties for successful designs.

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