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Graphic Designing is a process in which ideas are conveyed through visual communication using images, logos, words, typography, etc.

As we move forward in the direction of technological advancement, the demand for graphic design is increasing.

Graphic designers are required in almost every sector today, from the gaming industry to the advertising industry.

The number of Graphic Designer jobs is also increasing as the world shifts towards digitalization. The graphic designing industry is one of the emerging industries that was unaffected even after the pandemic.

The Graphic arts industry is rapidly growing and there is a lot of scope in a career as a graphic designer and working as an Assistant Graphic Designer is the first step towards it.

Interested in building a career as a Graphic Designer?

If you wish to build a successful career in Graphic Designing then you should be fully aware of its daily responsibilities and profile.

This blog gives you an idea of what working as a Graphic designer is like.

Job Description

A Graphic Designer is a person who designs graphics that are used in media products such as magazines, newspapers, labels, advertising, websites, social media sites, etc. using computer software or even by hand. A graphic designer knows how to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate the end consumer.

As a Graphic designer assistant, the main work is to help lead graphic designers to complete different activities and projects that they have been working on.

Assistant graphic designers can have a bunch of tasks to assist on such as, lining, coloring, rendering, and adding finishing touches to the designs.

Other than this, they may also be in charge of packing and booking shipments of the physical art to the right buyer.

They may be needed to show their creative prowess as they are welcome to pitch in designs, provide insight and critique the flaws.

Roles and Responsibilities



There are different certifications available for rendering artists. Following is the most common certification available for artists;

Unity Certified 3D Artist Exam

The certification course is intended to set you up for the Unity Certified 3D Artist test, the accreditation for entry to mid-level 3D artists who work with the Unity platform. This series of courses is for 3D Artists who have utilised Unity for ongoing delivery for 1-2 years, and are prepared to bring their current abilities up to an expert norm.

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Skills Requirements

If you wish to become a 3D Rendering Artist, look at the accompanying skills you need to prevail in the industry.

IT skills

The rendering artist works exclusively with computer softwares and programs hence he should have Strong working knowledge of industry-standard software, including 3ds Max, VRay art, SketchUp, and Maya.

With the software knowledge, you must have computer application knowledge. 

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Non-IT Skills

Problem-Solving Skills

Over the course of your career, there can be many hitches, so the artists should know how to handle conflicts that arise in the team and any misunderstandings with the clients. 

Therefore a 3D rendering artist should know how to handle these situations.

Communication Skills

A 3D art rendering artist is often consulted during the product development cycle and storyboard development.

Their communication skills are what comes in handy while one or group meetings with either the team or the client.

Artistic Skills

A rendering artist must know about the color patterns, lighting difference, and art in general, hence having a strong artistic skill is important for a rendering artist. 

They need to understand how shapes, colors, textures, and light work together after being processed by computer graphics.

Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are required by almost everyone worki9ng in an organization and this applies to a rendering artist as well. 

A rendering artist has to balance multiple works also while ensuring that the final result is of the highest quality.

Work Environment

Rendering Artists work in a variety of environments, some work in a firm while others work as freelancers.

Usually, they don’t have a fixed schedule as it is a deadline-driven industry, and may have to work overtime.

Salary Package

An average salary for a Rendering Artist ranges between INR 20,000 to INR 40,000. The salary scale differs as per the company, location, experience, and skills. Many agents receive incentives apart from the salary for lead generation.


Rendering is a computer-based digital art so any individual with a background and interest in Art, photoshop, or computer graphics can pursue it. It is a career for highly creative and artistic people who are comfortable using modern technology.

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