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Key result area(kra) & key performance indicator(kpi)

Hotel Management

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usher job


The role of a user is to welcome guests and direct them to their seats at a variety of functions such as sporting events, theatre shows, and music concerts where they are responsible for checking tickets, providing audience members with programs, and tending to their comfort and safety. They also assist patrons in finding restrooms, food and beverage facilities, and exits.

Are you Interested in building a career as an Usher?

To build a career as the Usher  you need first to understand the Job profile and responsibilities of the Usher’s Career

This blog gives you a clear idea of what becoming an Usher in India is like.

Job description

The Usher is a professional responsible for keeping order in a theater or other venue during a performance by helping people ensure that everyone has a seat and that no one is blocking an aisle, door, or emergency exit. Their main task at hand is to help patrons find their seats before the show begins, answer any questions they may have about the theater’s amenities, and assist with any emergencies that might arise during the performance.

How to become an Usher

There is no formal educational requirement to be an Usher rather the person applying for the position should have proper people skills, and communication skills and must be profound in English as well as whatever the local language is.

Most of an usher’s training will take place on the job. They will learn the layout of the venue, the schedule of events, and the protocol for each event. They will also learn how to interact with guests and how to handle any issues that may arise. Ushers can also receive training in customer service and event management. They may learn how to interact with guests and how to handle any issues that may arise.


Job Profile

The ushers usually are found working in theatres, concert halls, and other entertainment venues etc. Their work is a bit fast paced during the time before and after the show. Many ushers work evenings and weekends. Some ushers may work more than 40 hours per week, particularly those who work in large venues that host multiple events. Ushers typically stand for long periods of time and may do a lot of walking. They also must be able to climb stairs.


Average annual salary in Idea Usher is INR 4.8 lakhs. However, the salary across India can vary due to various reasons such as experience level, organisation, city, and more.

Key Result Areas to Deliver

Safety: Actively ensure a safe work environment free from hazards and report hazards immediately.

customers satisfaction: Their duties include Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent service.

Customer Service: Immediately report any issues with systems or procedures and where possible identify solutions to issues & matters.


To get your foot in the sector, As an usher, you can work in a variety of settings, including theatres, concert halls, sports arenas, and museums. You could also work for a company that provides event-staffing services. There are many opportunities for advancement in the field of ushers. Some ushers move up to become managers or assistant managers of their theatres. Others may find opportunities with larger companies that manage several theatres. Some ushers may eventually open their own businesses.


What does an usher do?

Ushers assist patrons at events by guiding them to their seats, providing information, and ensuring a smooth experience.

What are the eligibility requirements to become an usher?

Typically, no formal education is required, but excellent communication and customer service skills are essential.

Are there any top colleges offering usher training programs?

While there aren't specific colleges for usher training, courses in hospitality or customer service can be beneficial.

What are the key result areas for ushers?

Key result areas include customer satisfaction, crowd management, and maintaining a clean and safe environment.

How much does an usher typically earn?

In India, usher salaries typically range from ₹1,500,00 to ₹2,200,00 per year, depending on factors such as location, employer, and level of experience.
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