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Top 5 Latest Recruitment Trends You Must Follow in 2020

Top 5 Latest Recruitment Trends You Must Follow in 2020

Many recruiting strategies which have always assisted recruitment processes at present are still solid trends in the recruitment industry. But, due to the continuous advancements in recruiting experience from hiring managers, candidates and recruiters keep evolving, the recruitment trends are beginning to change.

The year 2020 introduces the latest set of best recruitment trends that will considerably influence your recruiting process. How ready are you to execute this fresh set of recruiting trends? Will you end up being the victor of the war for talent before the year ends?

Below given are a few of the most significant recruiting trends that you must benefit from in 2020.

Trend 1: Talent Pools

  • What is a Talent Pool?

Talent Pool refers to a database where recruiters and HR Managers keep all top job candidate’s profiles who are interested to work for your company. Not only does it comprise of candidate pool (that have applied for jobs) but it also has referred and sourced candidates.

  • Significance of Talent Pool

Assume if each time you had a job opening, you had a pool of talent from which you can just select the best one! Sounds awesome, right? This is the reason why most recruiters have already adopted this recruitment trend and started building a high-quality candidate database for current and future needs.

Trend 2: Employer Branding

  • What is Employer Brand?

It describes the company’s popularity and reputation as an employer, and its employee value proposition, as opposed to its more general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to customers. It is crucial to create a robust and consistent employer brand.

  • Significance of Employer Branding

More than 75% of job seekers research about employer brand and company’s reputation before applying (Research by LinkedIn). Not only do companies with a bad reputation struggle to win over candidates but they also struggle to hold on to employees. Due to this reason, employer branding is one of the top recruitment trends for 2020.

Trend 3: Social Recruiting

  • What is Social Recruiting?

It is the utilization of social media channels for recruitment and refers to the various approaches utilizing social media platforms (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and websites (such as blogs, forums, job boards) to attract, find and recruit talent.

  • Significance of Social Recruiting

Social recruiting offers more than just posting unoccupied job ads on a company’s social network. It can be used to find candidates with aptitude, motivate candidates to apply for unoccupied job designations, and build relationships. Due to all these probabilities, Social Recruiting is now the latest 2020 recruitment trend.

Trend 4: Employee Referrals

Employee Referrals is one of the productive approaches for recruiting talent and filling up of vacant positions.

According to most researches employees that are referred, need less money and take the shortest to recruit and onboard.

Trend 5: Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing has become an essential hiring strategy. According to research by LinkedIn, 36% of job seekers are potential candidates. Although, most of them (about 90%) are curious to hear about the latest job opportunities.

Hope that these trends be your guide for boosting your recruitment strategy. All the best!

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