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Learn how to clear the technical interview round.

technical interview round

What is a Technical Interview Round?

If you apply for a job that requires technical knowledge or skill sets, then one of the penultimate rounds will most probably be the technical interview round. The technical interview round is used to test the candidate’s technical skills with respect to the concerned job requirements. It typically features a set of technical questions that are based on the role the candidate has applied for.

Hiring Managers or recruiters use this round to flush out those candidates who are not qualified for the job requirement.

Why do Companies conduct a Technical Interview round?

Every organization has a team (HR/ Talent Acquisition/ Recruitment/ Personnel/ Hiring) in charge of recruiting candidates for the various job profiles. For every employee, an organization hires, the organization incurs a cost on the productivity output of the employee in the form of salary, insurance, medical benefits, gratuity, PF, etc. If the wrong person is hired for the job, it can result in losses for the company.  

Hence, the job of the managers/executives in the HR team is to ensure that the people they hire are well-qualified for the job and possess the right technical skillsets.  

For technical or technology jobs, the major challenge they face is ensuring that candidates really possess the skillsets mentioned in their resumes. This is necessary as many candidates resort to exaggerating or embellishing their technical abilities. So, to test the candidate’s technical abilities, a technical interview round is conducted. Note that this round is alternately referred to as the ‘technical screening round’ or simply ‘technical round’.

Technical Interview Rounds in the IT sector

An interview for any job in the IT sector will almost always entail a technical interview round. For jobs in other sectors such as Healthcare (medical professionals such as doctors, nurses), law (lawyers, paralegals,) aviation (pilots), a technical round is not usually the norm in the interview process for the simple reason that candidates in these sectors will have proved their credentials by passing a government recognized test or getting a professional certification. It isn’t as if these don’t get asked questions on their technical knowledge. It’s just that there’s no specialized interview round for it. Such questions get asked directly in the face-to-face interview.

The IT (Information Technology) sector is a very vast and ever-expanding field that comprises numerous fields like coding, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, web architecture, etc. A standardized test is simply not possible because the technologies involved keep evolving at a break-neck speed. Also, some candidates lie about their skillsets in their resumes. Hence, a technical round in the interview process becomes super important to the vetting process. 

As a general rule of thumb, all major IT giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, Capgemini, HCL, etc. conduct technical rounds in their interview process. With the Startup boom gaining traction in India, there are a lot of tech jobs in startups (such as Swiggy, Ola, Uber, MakeMyTrip, Grofers, etc.). These companies too will conduct technical interview rounds for their technology jobs. The same rule applies to e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Preparing for a Technical Interview Round in the IT Sector

Using Glassdoor to get through the Coveted Glass Door

Look at the entry door of any corporate office. What’s the common factor that links all these office doors? They are all made of glass! Your aim when participating in the interview process is to ensure that you secure the job that will land you from one end of the figurative and literal glass door to the other end.

And the online resource we can’t recommend enough in helping you achieve this aim is the website aptly named Glassdoor. In addition to being a reputed job portal, it also provides reviews of various companies in their capacity as employers, the salary structure across various industry categories and experience levels, interview process experience, interview testimonials, and details on the interview questions asked for various job profiles at various organizations.

Ways to impress the technical interviewer


Q1: What is a Technical Interview Round?

A1: It's a test of a candidate's technical skills for a job.

Q2: Why do Companies conduct a Technical Interview round?

A2: To ensure candidates have the right skills and avoid hiring the wrong person.

Q3: How is the Technical Interview conducted?

A3: It can be face-to-face, written, practical, online, or via phone.

Q4: Are Technical Interview Rounds common in the IT sector?

A4: Yes, they're standard due to the evolving nature of technology.

Q5: How to prepare for a Technical Interview in IT?

A5: Review job requirements, focus on fundamentals, practice coding, and be honest and confident during the interview.

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