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How to Navigate Your Notice Period

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In case you’re unaware about what’s a notice period and associated intricacies, we recommend you read our blog: Understanding the A to Z of Notice Periods. This will help you Navigate Your Notice Period effectively.

Important Tasks

To Navigate Your Notice Period successfully, you must end your professional journey and growth with an organization on a positive note and amicable terms. Given below are a few things you can do to achieve these goals. Remember, the way you Navigate Your Notice Period can leave a lasting impression.

Serving out Your Notice Period


Q1: What tasks should be completed before leaving a job?

A1: Confirm last working day, update LinkedIn, ensure knowledge transfer, receive gratuity, handle Provident Fund.

Q2: How should communication be handled during the notice period?

A2: Avoid negativity, send a farewell email, maintain professionalism on social media.

Q3: What is the process during the notice period?

A3: Continue existing work, handover to replacement, mentor replacement, complete formalities.

Q4: What documents are important to ensure receipt of?

A4: Relieving documents including experience certificate and salary certificates.

Q5: Why is maintaining a positive image important during the notice period?

A5: It facilitates leaving on good terms, aids future career prospects, and reflects professionalism to prospective employers.

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