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Mobile Application Development (Android) Course


Mobile Application Development is evolving as the app market for tablets and smartphones matures. Today the world economy relies heavily on mobile hardware and software innovation, on mobile apps that have permeated all its verticals. In this blog post, learn about what is Mobile Application Development, how Android is used to develop Mobile Applications, Different Modules Covered in the Mobile Application Development (Android) Course, and how Hrishi Computer Education offers Mobile Application Development (Android) Course.

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile Application Development refers to the set of procedures and processes included in writing software for small, wireless computing devices. Similar to Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development has its roots in more traditional software development. One vital distinction, however, is that often mobile apps are written specifically to take benefit of the unique properties a particular mobile device offers.


  • A mobile health app might be written to take advantage of the smart watch’s temperature sensor.
  • A gaming app might be written to take advantage of iPhone’s accelerometer.

How Android is used to develop Mobile Applications?

Android is a comprehensive software stack of mobile devices which involves an OS (Operating System), middleware, and key application. This rich source of software bunch is utilized in mobile technology through its innovation module of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

Steps to build Android Mobile Applications using Android Studio:

Android Studio is a (free) and easy-to-use development environment.
Below are the basics of how to build an Android app using the Android Studio development environment:

Step 1: Install Android Studio

Step 2: Open a New Project

Step 3: Edit/Modify the “Welcome Message” in the Main Activity

Step 4: Add Button to the Main Activity

Step 5: Create a Second Activity

Step 6: Write the Button’s “onClick” Method

Step 7: Test the Application

Step 8: Android Application is Up with Basic Functionality

Different Modules Covered in the Mobile Application Development (Android) Course

Accelerometer, Activities, Animation, Animated 2D Games, Content Providers, Full game, Game Engine, GPS, Gyroscope, Intents, JSON, Multimedia, Network, Permissions, Phone services, Refresh handler, RSS, Sensor Manager, Services, SQLite, Storage, Threads, Widgets, XML Layouts, Google Play Store and a lot more.

How Hrishi Computer Education offers Mobile Application Development (Android) Course?

There are several android classes in Vasai. Among these different computer institutes in Vasai, Hrishi Computer Education provides the Best App Development Classes in Vasai.

Being one of the computer classes nearby Vasai station, our institute specializes in teaching the above Android modules along with latest industry practices through our hands-on Mobile Application Development course.

What’s more, our experienced faculties conduct training and query sessions which help students/candidates understand the difficult learning concepts with much more ease giving them the best guidance along with digital learning.

To know more about our android course in vasai, visit Hrishi Computer Education Vasai.

Website: www.hrishicomputer.com Contact: 8149688117 / 8149588117

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