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Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Data Entry Specialist

how to become a Data Entry Specialist


The demand for Data Entry Specialists is rising day by day, as every office and organization seeks to become computerized. Industries like healthcare, finance, retail, and transportation need them to handle their day to day data management.

Want to become a Data Entry Specialist? But don’t know how to get there? Then you must read this blog, it consists of a data entry specialist job description, data entry specialist salary, and many more. Get the overall data entry work details.

Skills Required

IT Skills

Non-IT Skills

Job Description

Data entry specialists do paperwork as well as computer data, they are the link between paper information and computer data. They take information from different locations that are written down, such as canceled checks, bills, etc. and then enter it into an electronic data system for storage and analysis.

They enter the data, make corrections if necessary, and store the hard copies and electronic data in the proper place. The employer normally hires data entry specialists to work full or part-time, and this flexibility makes it a popular entry-level position for those who are looking at a career in records specialization. 

Duties and Responsibilities


Data Entry Specialists normally work a 35-40 hour week. They generally work at a computer workstation within a busy open-plan office. Some work does part-time work and some work through temporary contracts. The number of data entry specialists is office-based but there are numerous remote data entry jobs that allow employees to work from home. As per the company policy, they may be the only person responsible for inputting and handling data in a company. They even may work as part of a data entry team.


data entry specialists salary ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 per month. The range differs as per the company location, company scale, and skills, and knowledge. 

What if This Career does not work out for you?


To become a Data Entry Specialist, you need to have good IT skills, including familiarity with spreadsheets, word documents, databases, and record management systems. You also need excellent typing skills and familiarity with data entry devices. Non-IT skills such as written and communication skills, high level of concentration, organizational abilities, and attention to detail are also crucial. 

A Data Entry Specialist must be aware of general business operations and workflow, have excellent knowledge of data confidentiality issues, and maintain a positive approach in a busy working environment. It is mandatory to know the basics of computers like MS-Office, MS-Excel, and PowerPoint along with Tally.ERP. 

Data Entry Specialists often face health-related issues due to spending a long duration of time with the computer. The job can be boring and difficult due to long hours of repetitive work. They also face an elevated error rate when working on written work types. 

As a Data Entry Specialist gains experience, there are many employment opportunities in various sectors such as the Bank and Public Sector, Marketing Companies, and Human Resources. There are also opportunities to progress to a supervisory or team leader role. 

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