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Want to know the common interview questions for freshmen?

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common interview questions for freshmen

Tell us something about yourself

This question almost gives an idea about yourself. Employer analyzes you for your confidence and way of talking. If you are not prepared for this Interview Question, you run the risk of failing on the one question that sets the mood for the rest of the interview. This is one of the common interview questions for freshmen.

What will the perfect flow of answer to this question? You could start with your educational background, where you’ve been brought up, some little information about your parents. These things should be in a proper framed sentences and flow. This is a common interview question for freshmen.

Tell us your Weaknesses and Strengths

Your strengths and weaknesses can be anything, no one should ideally have any grounds to question you on. But still, you should portrait it that your strengths can help the company to growth and your weakness never come in the path of growth and you defiantly try to overcome your weakness. This is a common interview question for freshmen.

Don’t try to make a story, just make it simple and straight. This is a common interview question for freshmen

Where do you see yourself in the coming 5 years?

The best way to answer this question is to talk in a bigger picture and leave it somewhat open-ended. You can explain it in a stage like currently, you want to be a part of the management team as well as you will upgrade yourself. Or you are going to work hard and grow to become more valuable to this company. This is a common interview question for freshmen.

Why do you think you are a perfect fit for us?

While answering this question, patriate your strengths here. Just be confident in your ability to contribute well to the company growth. Know the company values and emphasize how they resonate with you. This is a common interview question for freshmen.

What is your salary expectation?

Try to get to know what they are likely to offer before you walk in. As a fresher, sometime employers will probably not even bother to ask. But in case they ask you, know the number and say something close to it. This is a common interview question for freshmen.

Are you comfortable with late-night or weekend shifts?

The reason behind this question is to analyses your contribution to the company. Depending on workload, companies do need flexible candidates who can handle the pressure at the workplace and work late when needed.

You can answer like, if there is an immediate need or an urgency, you would be ready to work late or you would normally prefer to maintain a work-life balance. 

No matter how much you have knowledge related to work, these questions can spoil your job opportunities. 


Q1: Tell us something about yourself.

A1: Start with educational background, upbringing, and a brief mention of family.

Q2: What are your weaknesses and strengths?

A2: Keep it simple and straightforward. Highlight how strengths contribute to growth and how weaknesses are being addressed.

Q4: Why do you think you're a perfect fit for us?

A4: Emphasize alignment with company values, confidence in contributing, and eagerness to learn and grow.

Q5: What is your salary expectation?

A5: Research market rates, align expectations accordingly, and be prepared to negotiate based on experience and skills.

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