Career in content writing

A Career in Content Writing

A Career in Content Writing

Have you ever thought, that in a one-click how we get all the information on any topic? We search on the internet which is a one-stop source for all the needs like researching shopping, travel packages, news, entertainment, and ample things that are sorted on the World Wide Web. A career in Content Writing involves endless opportunities and challenges. A content writer has always been in demand because with the advent of the internet, the demand for excellent writers has increased. There are very few institutes that teach about content writing, so almost all writers have become content writers by accident. A Career in Content Writing is highly competitive, excellent writers can easily earn a big amount.

What is Content Writing?

A web content writer is an individual who develops and writes appropriate content for utilization on the internet. This involves posts like articles and blog posts for websites.

Some matters are written for e-commerce websites for advertising and marketing for their products. Any company offering a particular product or service to customers’ needs to attract to the products. So the company features articles about the products to build interest and provide information about it.

Eligibility for Content Writer

To become a writer, one doesn’t need any degree or educational qualification, anyone can develop a career in content writing at any stage of life. One just needs to have a good knowledge of concepts to write. Graduation is important if someone wants to work on a full-time basis because in any field company usually hired graduate or postgraduate. Having a postgraduate degree is always a plus in content writing to get a job.

There is no boundary for writing content, we can write in any language. If someone knows more than one language, then they can also become a translator. With the increased penetration of the internet, the demand for writers and translators is continuously growing. 

What kind of person goes for content writing (as per Intelligence Modalities)?

In the Intelligence Modalities, there is Verbal-Linguistic intelligence. According to Verbal-Linguistic intelligence, having this kind of intelligence display a facility with words and languages. They are good at writing and memorizing words along with dates.

So, if a person is good at writing, and memorizing words, then a person can go for article writing jobs.

Scope of content writing

There is enormous scope in content writing. Let’s see some of them:

SEO Writing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it requires the writer to create quality content for article directories and guest posts. This is the simplest form of content writing, wherein keyword density plays a crucial role in SEO articles. In the SEO articles client ask for unique and 100% plagiarism free content, in which few keywords must be inserted appropriately. 

Subject Matter Expert

As the name says, this is someone who has a deep understanding of their industry and can write with authority about it. It is hard to find a subject matter expert than a generalist.

Subject matter expert is the combination of low supply and higher expertise, and this leads to higher rates than generalists. If anyone got a well-defined project with clear goals, a subject matter expert can be well worth the money.

Content Writing for Social Media

An Example of articles of content is posted every day on social media. To promote content and generate visitors on the website, businesses use social media. To generate consistent traffic on the website, they need high-quality content on their site on a regular basis. Thus, to fetch more visitors, they hire professional writers. This is a high-level work because social media also involve status updates and writing content for images. The earning for Content Writing for Social Media is depends on the level of work experience.

Blog Writing

According to the reports, around 2 million blog posts are written every day. This blog writing has created a big gap in demand and supply of quality content writers. The demand is always higher, so this is an opportunity to make a career in content writing and take advantage of growing the content economy.

Academic Writing

Academic writing deals with the student’s assignments, dissertations. There are a lot of students who don’t have time to write or they are not comfortable in writing, that time they outsource their writing assignments. It has become a lucrative career for many writers.  

Responsibilities and Duties of a Content Writers

·   To develop and produce a new web-based and print content, perform ad hoc research to find more data.

·   To produce thousands of dollars in revenues every day, draft email newsletters.

·   Develop content to demonstrate the organization’s impact on the industry.

·   Always, create content and post it on time on the organization’s website.

·   Target on organization’s lead social network and also maintain a social media presence.

·   To develop ideas and content, utilize industry and organizational knowledge. By using industry and organizational knowledge create ideas that are related to the organization.

·   Use Strategic Communication to create content and style guidelines. It is about a concept, a process that satisfies the long term strategic goal of an organization. 

·   For various languages, markets, platforms, and learners who love to read different articles or blogs, develop compelling content.

·   To develop, prototypes and storyboards, utilize graphics editing and media creation programs. This gives a better feel to the content. 

·   Use digital tools and collaborators, change to new content requirements.

So these are responsibilities and duties of content writers, which they should perform and always remember.

A career in content writing is the best career for, who loves to write. Also, this is one of the demanding career profiles in the industry.

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