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Career in Stock Broking: Skills, Courses, Requirements, Exams and More

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Stockbroking is a service that allows individual and institutional investors to purchase and sell stocks. A stockbroker is a professional trader that buys and sells the stock for customers. A securities sales agent, or a securities and commodities sales agent, is another name for them. They provide essential services and information to their clients. They assist them in determining when to purchase and sell stocks and at what prices. 

In the stock market, he charges a fee and commission for his services. Stockbroking is a profitable profession. Stockbroking is a profitable profession. There are no specific experience requirements, however, applicants with experience and knowledge have a better understanding of the area and market.

In the sector of stockbroking, there are several job options. After gaining a thorough grasp of the market, a candidate may be able to emulate Buffett. With the appropriate knowledge, confidence, and expertise, this is a tremendously rewarding career. With the substantial compensation that the profession provides, one may live a luxurious life.

Stock Broking Requirements

Two fundamental criteria to begin a career in the stockbroking sector are as follows:

Educational prerequisites

Candidates must have specific educational qualifications to work in this area. The following are the fundamental educational prerequisites for students:

Soft Skills

Several skills are required to enter into stockbroking field. The stock market is a highly competitive field, so having special skills will be beneficial for the students. These skills define the difference between a successful and common stockbroker. The following are some common skills for stockbrokers-

The capacity to do extensive market analysis is critical to trading success. Stock market specialists hone their abilities to understand and analyze all relevant information about the assets they trade.

Professionals in the stock market must have a strong deep desire and a drive to collect all necessary data. For a stock marketer, thorough research allows them to make better judgments and prevent costly mistakes.

When newcomers to the stock market experience a loss, they might get panicked. Even in the most unfavorable conditions, a great stock market expert retains his cool and remains calm to bring everything back under control.

Patience and discipline are key qualities that every stock market specialist requires in large quantities. To continue with it, an expert must be disciplined and patient, especially on days when losses occur.Patience and discipline are key qualities that every stock market specialist requires in large quantities. To continue with it, an expert must be disciplined and patient, especially on days when losses occur.

Your clients are your most valuable assets as a stockbroker. It will take a lot of effort to keep them satisfied if you have strong interpersonal abilities.

As a stockbroker, you'll help customers to navigate the tangled world of banking and finance. A thorough understanding of global banking is required.

Self-motivation is necessary for a stockbroker. Those who lack self-motivation and determination will quickly fall behind in such a competitive atmosphere. Employers will evaluate your performance and perhaps your position in the organization as a result of this.

Technical skills required for Stockbroking students

The candidates should also have appropriate knowledge about the software of the stock market. This software will make their work easy. The following are some software for stockbrokersThe candidates should also have appropriate knowledge about the software of the stock market. This software will make their work easy. The following are some software for stockbrokers

Using the built-in charting tools and technical indicators in Masterswift stock trading software, make important trading decisions. The program allows users to access many sorts of data, including historical, fundamental, and market data.

The RichLive Trade program is best suited for stock market technical analysis and charting. The purchase signal software was created with the Indian market in mind.

MetaTrader4 is a popular piece of Forex trading software that traders use to analyze financial markets. The large number of functions included in this auto trading software in India benefits traders of all ability levels.

ECG Trade is technical charting software that allows you to visualize historical data via charts. To reduce your trading risks, you can visualize remarkable trends and patterns.

You can effectively execute trade procedures using eSignal's charting and technical analysis capabilities. Scanning and back-testing tools are also included for evaluating the success of trading strategies.

Trader Guide is an Indian stock trading analysis program that delivers precise intraday tips. In both the Bearish and Bullish markets, receive dependable indications for buying and selling.

Eligibility for Stockbroking

Stream Under graduation/Diploma/Certification Postgraduation Licensing and registration
The candidate should pass class 12 from a recognized board. The candidates can go for undergraduate/diploma or certificate courses to make a career in stockbroking. After graduation, the candidates can go for higher studies or post-graduation from a recognized college. After finishing these courses, the applicant must have registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
Although the stream is not specified but subjects like business, maths, finance are preferred. In the field, a bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, economics, statistics, mathematics, or quantitative analysis is beneficial. The candidate can study MBA or M.Com. The aspirant has also registered with a stock market and become a member.
Try to gain a minimum percentage to get admission to colleges. Try to gain a minimum of 50-60% to get admission for post-graduation. Try to gain a minimum of 50-60% to get a job in a reputed company. To join, the applicant must first pass a written admission exam and then go through training.

Stock Broking Courses

Undergraduate courses Postgraduate courses Diploma Certificate
Bachelor Degree in Finance/ Mathematics/Accounting/ Economics/ Business Management Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance Diploma in stock marketing NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Master of Commerce (M.Com) Post Graduate Diploma in Capital Market and Financial Services NSE’s Certified Market Professional
-- -- Post Graduate Diploma in Fundamentals of Capital Market Development Certificate Programme on Capital Markets

The entrance exam for Stockbroking

Exam name Conducting Body Duration Type of exam
BSE Certification on Central Depository (BCCD) Bombay Stock Exchange 1 hour 30 minutes Objective or MCQs
BSE Certification on Derivatives Exchange (BCDE) Bombay Stock Exchange 1 hour 30 minutes Objective or MCQs
BSE Certification on Securities Markets (BCSM) Bombay Stock Exchange 1 hour 30 minutes Objective or MCQs
BSE Certification on Currency Futures (BCCF) Bombay Stock Exchange 1 hour 30 minutes Objective or MCQs

Internships for stockbroking

Stockbroking internships can help you get experience and put what you’ve learned in class into practice. Candidates for stock market internships must find new clients and persuade them to invest in the stock market. Internships are always beneficial, no matter what industry you work in.

An excellent internship program will allow you to spend time honing your professional abilities. If you seek a full-time job with that business after graduation, participating in an internship program can provide you a significant competitive edge. Stockbroking interns can build ties with professionals.

The work description students studying Stockbroking

As a stockbroker, you’ll be in charge of helping clients invest in the stock market. You need to analyze the market and find profitable investment opportunities. There are several day-to-day responsibilities of a stockbroker. The following are some routine jobs of these people-

  1. Clients receive appropriate financial advice from them.
  2. They must be able to correctly assess financial reports.
  3. They should manage the financial portfolios of clients.
  4. Their responsibility is to keep up with the most recent financial news.
  5. They keep clients informed about the condition of their investment portfolios regularly.
  6. They keep clients informed about fresh stock market investing possibilities.
  7. Networking and cold calling are two methods for finding new clients.
  8. The stockbrokers make changes in investment strategy in response to market conditions.
  9. They are responsible to acquire a thorough understanding of the current capital market.
  10.  They should detect potential hazards and recommend the best stocks for customers to invest in.

Job prospects for stockbroking students

Job roles Job description
Financial Analyst They evaluate data and trends in financial investments to provide recommendations to the appropriate organizations. They usually provide advice to companies who are seeking investment.
Terminal Operators They work with traders, both rising individuals, and retail customers. They must give correct and precise advice to traders and engage in healthy trading with clients.
Stock Broker Stockbrokers act as a link between the buyer and the seller. They are expected to locate the finest potential stock market investing possibilities. They oversee and maintain their clients' and financial institutions' portfolios.
Relationship manager They monitor and keep an eye on new financial market developments by watching and investigating the markets. They keep the relationship between clients and the market in good shape.
Equity dealer Equity dealers are responsible for performing all possible tasks in the stock market. They thoroughly examine the stock market and compile a list of the finest stocks from various firms that offer high returns or dividends.
Stock market analyst Stock Market Analysts are responsible for thoroughly analyzing and examining the company's different investments. They must collaborate with fund managers, investment brokers, and investment banks.
Securities trader To make money for their employer, a security trader sells and buys securities on their employer's behalf.
Financial manager They are in charge of an organization's financial concerns or goals. They work in-house for a company to identify solutions to enhance the company's financial situation.
Investment banker An investment banker serves as a link between businesses and investors. They assist firms that want more funding.
Personal Financial Advisor They advise their customers on investments and finances. They help customers achieve their financial and investment objectives by listening to their needs. They recommend the finest investment solutions.

Top colleges for studying stock broking courses

College name Location
Institute of Capital Market Development New Delhi
Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) Hyderabad
All India Centre for Capital Market Studies Nasik
St. Mary’s College Kerala
Institute of Financial and Investment Planning Mumbai
Tirupati Institute of Management Pune
Dr. N.G.P. Arts and Science College Coimbatore
Dnyansagar Institute of Management and Research Pune

Top recruiters for students in stockbroking

The following are some top recruiters of students studying stockbroking-

  1. Reliance Capital Ltd
  2. JP Morgan
  3. HDFC
  4. ICICI Direct
  5. Angel Broking Limited
  6. India Infoline
  7. Sharekhan Limited
  8. Indiabulls
  9. Karvy Consultancy
  10. Kotak Securities Ltd

Pros and Cons of working in stockbroking

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