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Career as Dairy Technologist – Role, Education, Jobs, and Salaries

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Dairy Technology is a branch of science and engineering that studies the processing of milk and its byproducts. Dairy technology is a field that employs “technology” to make dairy products both hi-tech and beneficial. Dairy Technology is concerned with all aspects of milk handling and management, from production to processing to consumption. Aside from that, engineering, physics, chemistry, and economics concepts are applied in the field of dairy technology to produce the most appropriate milk use and products.

Candidates can enroll in a variety of dairy technology courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Candidates can pursue a dairy technology degree or a diploma program. BTech, BSc, MTech, and MSc are some of the most popular dairy technology courses. These courses are offered by a vast number of government and private institutions. 

Dairy Technology graduates will be able to work in a variety of jobs in both governmental and private companies. Dairy Technology is a profitable sector of employment with a lot of room for growth for both the industry and the individuals who work in it.


1. Educational Requirements

A few basic requirements must be met by anyone interested in working in this field. You must meet these requirements to pursue a career in this sector; otherwise, you will be unable to do so. Some of the requirements must be satisfied, including the following:

2. Soft Skills

The dairy technology field is dynamic and revolving. One needs to keep themselves up to date with all new technologies. That’s why they should possess some skills that will assist them in their career. The following is the list of skills for dairy technology students

A job in dairy technology requires you to work and engage with a variety of individuals with whom you must be able to effectively communicate. Dairy Technology goods are perishable in their raw state, therefore all choices, activities, and operations must be completed rapidly. One can overcome the communication gap with strong communication skills, which might otherwise significantly slow down work.

Dairy Technology is a discipline in which everything is done systematically and methodically. Decisions made in the heat of a moment might have severe consequences for the goods. As a result, these experts must be capable of rationally analyzing circumstances as well as carefully tracking and assessing job progress.

This is a job where even the least flaws can cause major issues. When even the smallest mistake happens, massive amounts of milk are risked. In this line of business, if you don't pay attention to detail, you'll make a lot of mistakes.

Dairy technology is not for people who can only work when they have been pushed around. Several tasks need solo effort, with no collaborators or supervisors to assure consistent progress and results. As a result, experts in this sector must be intrinsically driven and courageous in the face of failures.

Dairy producers may need to manage laborers and other personnel, as well as collaborate with veterinarians and nutritionists to organize others.

Flexibility is a crucial soft skill since it demonstrates to employers that you will be able to keep moving forward. A willingness to learn new abilities is also part of adaptability.

The ability to manage a vast number of tasks effectively at the same time. Also refers to your ability to manage your time effectively so that you can complete tasks on time. Good time management may also indicate that you are well-organized, which is a skill that employers value.

Technical Skills

The following are some technical skills that dairy technology students should possess

It is necessary to know about Software systems, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This will make it easier for them to stay on top and handle their daily activities.

It should go without saying that the future technologist will require a thorough understanding of technology as well as all of the many commodities available. Future suggestions will include a large portion of what technology to use, as well as when and how to use it.


Stream Graduation Post-graduation P.hD.
Any educational board's 10+2 exam must be passed by the candidate. To pursue a career in this profession, the individual must have a bachelor's degree. Candidates can also pursue a master's degree if they so want. This option does not have to be pursued necessarily. The applicants can also pursue a Ph.D. if they so choose. It is, however, not required to do so.
Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) should be included as core courses. They can earn a bachelor's degree in Dairy Technology. To get into a post-graduate program, try to maintain a 50-60% average. They can pursue a master’s degree in Dairy Technology. They can pursue P.hD. in Dairy Technology.
On the test, the candidate should strive for a minimum score of 50-60%. They will only be eligible for a bachelor's degree after that. The candidate must pass the entrance examinations to enroll in a bachelor's degree program. To enroll in a master's degree program, the candidate must pass the admissions tests. --


Undergraduate course Postgraduate course Ph.D.
B.Tech. in Dairy Technology M.Tech. in Dairy Technology Ph.D. in Dairy Technology
B.Sc. in Dairy Technology M.Sc. in Dairy Technology --

Entrance Exam

The following is the list of entrance exams for students to take admission in dairy Technology courses

1. National level exams

Exam Name Conducting Body Duration Frequency
JEE Mains - Joint Entrance Exam Mains National testing agency (NTA) 3 hours Twice a year
JEE Advanced- Joint Entrance Exam Advanced Indian Institue of Technology (IITs) 3 hours Once a year
ICAR AIEEA (Indian Council of Agricultural Research All India Entrance Examination for Admission) National testing agency (NTA) 2 hours 30 minutes Once a year
GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Indian Institue of Technology (IITs) 3 hours Once a year

2. State-level exams

Exam Name Conducting Body Duration Frequency
WBJEE (West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination) West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board 2 hours Once a year
UPCET (Uttar Pradesh Combined Entrance Test) National Testing Agency (NTA) 3 hours Once a year
KCET (Karnataka Common Entrance Test) Karnataka Examinations Authority 1 hour 30 minutes Once a year
AUCET (Andhra University Common Entrance Test ) Directorate of Admission Andhra University 1 hour 30 minutes Once a year
AP EMCAET (Andhra Pradesh Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test) JNTUK Kakinada 3 hours Once a year

3. University-level exam

Exam Name Conducting Body Duration Frequency
BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission) BITS Pilani 3 Hours Once a year
VITEEE (Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination) VIT University, Vellore 1 hour 30 minutes Once a year
SRMJEEE (SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Exam) SRM Institute of Science and Technology 2 hour 30 minutes Once a year

Top Colleges

College name Location
Indian Institue of Technology (IITs) Different Locations in India
Anna University Chennai
Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore
Apex University Jaipur
SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai
SHUATS Allahabad
Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani
Parul University Vadodra
Delhi Technological University (DUT) Delhi


Internships are a wonderful method for anyone who want to work as dairy technologists to get their foot through the door. It offers the worker the necessary exposure to the industry and work environment. Internships assist in preparing them in some manner for the pressures that come with the job. Effective communication skills are required of dairy technologists.

Students benefit from internships in a variety of ways. The following are some of the benefits of internships:

Job Prospects

Job name Job description
Dairy Technologist A dairy technologist is in charge of coming up with innovative and more efficient ways to produce, preserve, and use dairy products. They employ physics, chemistry, economics, engineering, and bacteriology concepts.
Farm Manager A farm manager is in charge of overseeing and organizing labor tasks such as irrigation, harvesting, grading, payroll, and recordkeeping. A farm manager may also enter into agreements with farmers to raise crops or manage agricultural output.
Microbiologist A microbiologist utilizes a range of analytical and scientific techniques to monitor and study microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses. A microbiologist is a scientist who investigates organisms that cause illness, damage to the environment, or are useful in agriculture.
Logistics and Distribution manager A logistics and distribution manager is in charge of organizing the storage and delivery of products. A logistic guarantees that the correct items arrive at the right time to the right destination.
Dairy Scientist Using their scientific and technical knowledge and abilities to guarantee that dairy products are produced and processed safely and efficiently.
Dairy Production manager They are in charge of assisting the management with the farm's financial and physical performance. The manager oversees the implementation of short and long-term business strategies as well as the farm's overall performance.
Dairy Nutritionist The diet management of dairy cattle herds is the responsibility of a dairy nutritionist. A dairy nutritionist's primary goal is to maximize output while ensuring herd health.
Dairy manager They keep an eye on employees in all parts of dairy production, including feed preparation, milking equipment maintenance, herd management, and so on.
Quality Control Officer It is the job of a quality control officer to guarantee that dairy products satisfy the appropriate quality and efficiency requirements.

Top Recruiters

The following are the top recruiters of dairy technology graduates-

  1. Amul
  2. Nestle
  3. Vasundhara Dairy
  4. Britannia Industries
  5. Mother Dairy
  6. Reliance
  7. Metro Dairy Limited
  8. Heinz
  9. ITC (Food Division)
  10. Vadilal
  11. COMPFED (Sudha)
  12. Hatsun Agro Product Limited

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