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Sports Fitness and Leisure are such sports that primarily focus on physical fitness improvement of the person taking part and fun and social involvement is what the focus is on rather than the competition or winning. These sports are not played for professional gains but rather to achieve physical fitness and are less stressful in nature both physically and mentally for the participants. The commitment towards the sport or sports by the players is very low as these games are held for recreational purposes and not to get into competitions. Leisure sports are differentiated from professional sports as they do not require any rigorous training or achieving a strong skill set for the sport but only enjoyment of the participants and somewhat physical development.

Similar to how professional sports players require a coach to train them for their games, people indulging in leisure sports or fitness activities also sometimes require guidance from experts. An example of such a case is a personal trainer helping an Individual get physically fit by guiding them through different exercises on the weekends or free time.

As the craze for sports and physical fitness is growing in the country, people are looking for experts to help them get better in the said sport, as a result, the need for sports fitness and leisure sports trainers is increasing in the country. as the demand for such an occupation is getting higher, the scope of a career in this field gets broader.

Do you want to build a Career in Sports Fitness and Leisure?

To build a career in Sports Fitness and Leisure you need to first understand the Job profile and responsibility of the job

This blog gives you a detailed idea of what it is to build a career in Sports Fitness and Leisure in the Sports and Physical health Industry of India.

Job Description

The sports fitness and leisure sports industry is huge and there are a lot of different job roles, each career has a different job description and duties. For instance, if you choose a career path as a fitness instructor, you would be required, to implement training programs or if you choose a career path as a fitness director, you could be in the higher up management and oversee the fitness facility’s operations.

To get to the top of the industry, you have to start your journey at the bottom and move upwards by providing quality work. You have to accurately judge a client’s physical health at the start of their journey, create reports, and help them develop and improve their physical health.

A physical fitness instructor pushes their clients to reach their desired fitness goals and encourages people to drive for health, wellness, and fitness through exercise, diet and playing sports and gives them complete knowledge and information on how to get fit for sports.

If you get up to the management level of the industry, your job requirements will be to manage the budget of the facility you are working for, purchase equipment and see to its maintenance, and grow a team of personal trainers who are efficient at their job.

You would need to provide your clients with the best quality physical training in a safe environment so that their physical and mental health improves without putting undue stress upon them.

The work of a Fitness trainer is to motivate the client to do the work and follow the exercise plans and diet chart, without proper motivation, it would be a waste of time for the client and can cause damage to the reputation of the sports fitness.

Skills Required

1.Communication Skills

communication skills required to successfully guide a client to understand all the different techniques of exercises and how to perform them safely without injuring themselves or others. If the Fitness trainer is not a good communicator, then their knowledge of the fitness industry and skills are of no use as they would be of no help to the clients. Other than helping clients, they also need to communicate with other trainers or staff or even the management to help create a good work environment.

2. Skills to be energetic and look lively

This is a special skill that all fitness trainers must master. A fitness trainer meets a lot of different clients during the day and helps them train and practice and all those clients require to be paid full attention. They need to be positive in nature and ready to help all the clients no matter how tiring the day was. Client who is struggling needs to be shown patience and be energetic to motivate them.

3. Entrepreneurial Skills

At the end of the day, sports fitness is a business and like any other business, the owner must have good entrepreneurial skills. They need to be Accountable, analytical, multi-taskers, Flexible, Networking, Punctual, tactical and have Strong Leadership among other things.

4. Motivating Skills

The Fitness or leisure sports trainer needs to motivate the clients to show up at the gym, field, playground, or where ever the training session is taking place even if they feel tired or lack motivation. They need to motivate the client to put in the work to gain physical fitness and the desired result.

5. Physical Dexterity

The sports trainer may require to stand for a long time, run along with the players on the field or demonstrate different exercise techniques to the players or the clients. People are more likely to understand you if you show them how to perform the different exercises rather than just verbally telling them.

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Work Environment and Schedule

Fitness and recreational sports centers such as a gym, yoga classes, and amateur sports coaching are the main employers of fitness coaches. Some Sports fitness coaches prefer working alone as freelancers as well. Most of their time is spent helping clients get ready for any sporting events or build a good physique that they desire.

The work environment is very rigorous as they have to maintain and look after heavy machines and weights in the gym or be standing up for long periods of time on the ground. It is a physically demanding job that also requires you to be physically fit and strong in the first place.

The schedule completely depends on the client’s preferences, mostly, they have to work nights, weekends, or holidays. The Timing of a Gym is fixed and if working at a Gym, the work hours will be fixed as the opening and closing times of the gym and you could choose shifts or work full time as per your convenience. Some may just teach fitness over the weekends and have other jobs during the week.

Salary Package

The average pay throughout the country is somewhere between 20,000 ₹ to 30,000 ₹  and if you are able to reach upto the management level, the income could be around 30,000 ₹ to 50,000 ₹ a month but mostly in urban areas such as Mumbai, Delhi, etc.


The Fitness Industry is evolving and growing right in front of our eyes, This changing consumer lifestyle and the need to get more physically fit and strong is increasing the demand for fitness trainers and this will only grow in the future. It is a passionate job where people with an interest in physical fitness, health and non-competitive sports can build a career doing what they love. If you feel like this industry is made for you, you should give it a try. The potential to be successful and get handsome pay will increase with experience. 

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