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The person who trains and develops the skills and techniques of a sports competitor is called a Coach or A Sports Coach. Due to the increasing importance of sports in our society, Coaching as a career is spreading and at a much faster rate than ever. With the emergence of the Internet and telecommunication, sports stars enjoy a reputation similar to celebrities like the movie stars and hence like to keep a large supporting staff, involving dieticians, fitness experts, and of course, a coach. As a direct result, the importance and popularity of Sports coach as a career has gained tremendous importance.

As Social Media and Mass Media have gotten involved with the field, The role of a coach has become quite important and lucrative. It is a very tough career to have but the scope of this career is enormous.

Do You Want to be a Sports Coach?

To build a career as a Sports Coach you need to first understand the Job profile and responsibility of the job

This blog gives you a detailed idea of what it is to become a Sports Coach in the Sports and Physical health Industry of India.

Job Description

A sports coach is the one who helps a young sportsperson to polish raw talent and shape them into a champion athlete who can compete from toe to toe with the professionals. Without a good coach, even if the player is gifted they may never polish their talent and reach their complete potential.

A sports Coach will carefully analyse a player’s performance and figure out the problems and errors and come up with a valid solution to fix the problem so that the player can perform at their complete potential.

It is the job of a coach to stimulate the trainee to uncover innate knowledge about sports and different techniques so that they can achieve a sustainable result. The coach is responsible for making sure that the trainee is learning all the required skills and can implement them again and again in the future, on a professional level.

Job Roles and Responsibilities


Skills Required

1.Interest and enthusiasm

A sports coach himself should be very enthusiastic about the sports so that the players that are learning under him\her can also feel interested in the sport

2. Communication skills

The Coach needs to communicate every detail that he finds out about the sport, and make the trainees understand the techniques and their strengths and weaknesses in a proper and efficient way.

3. Inspire confidence and motivate performance

The coach should be able to motivate and inspire their students to play better and with confidence.

4. Good organisational skills

The Coach should be able to organise teams, strategies and training programmes that fit everyone and helps them grow.

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Work Environment

Sports and physical education is an emerging sector of the Indian economy, there is a lot of career potential as a sports coach in both private as well as the public sector.

Typical Employers of sports coaches include sports organizations, clubs, Schools, Colleges sports teams and players, etc. If you have the experience in the field and have results to show you may even get a chance to work with National and International level teams, players or clubs.

A well-respected Sports coach can even open their own Sports Academy with financial aid from the state or national government. They will be their own boss and teach sports fitness and coaching as the head coach of the centre.

The work of a sports coach is rigorous and they have to get up early or stay late with the players on the field to get the results however its a rarity, and mostly they have to work between shifts training different sports groups as per the hours, similar to a 9 to 5.

Salary Package

Salary can vary depending upon your employer or job role, you can earn anywhere between 30,000₹ to 35,000₹ as a Coach in some good school, college or institution to start with. The Amount is higher if you can become a personal sports coach with a good reputation.

The Income may vary with the city you live in and the number of students you teach.


In recent years as sports have become a popular choice for a career the role of a Coach has become very important and lucrative as well. The work of a coach can be very important as the future of the players who are learning under that coach depends upon them. To be a good coach, one needs to be patient with the trainees and help them achieve their potential. Only by this method can a coach gain a good reputation, opening many doors for Career Growth.

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