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Managing your busy schedule

Managing your busy schedule


Health and fitness do not necessarily mean to lose fats or lose weight. Many times students find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to busy schedules and studies. Studying, reading, writing, assignments, practical’s, classes, lectures can all be stressful for the students. There are few points which can keep the students healthy-fit and become less stressed and tired.

Set goals

Firstly students should set goals about their future. If your goals and aims are fixed, it is easy for you to achieve it stress freely. While setting goal one should see if it is manageable for him/her and can be achieved during the time set for it.

One can use the free service app, Trello available on internet. Trello let us plan daily/weekly/monthly schedule list. It helps us make a card represent the work to be done for the day and then checklist the work done.

Plan the day/week

Planning the day/week can help to stay focused and achieve the desired goal for the day. You should plan that can be managed throughout the day and can be followed throughout.

Plan weekly the schedule you are going to follow, sometime you might fail to follow but try to stick to the plan and follow. Practice can make you perfect. Set comfortable plan which can be followed every day. Don’t forget to involve extra activities in your plan and have a stress free days.

Follow healthy diet

Making healthy food choices is very important. A healthy diet may not sound thrilling but can help one stay fit and live one’s life to the fullest.

Poor concentrations, laziness and frustration can be signs to recharge your power. Students should not miss their meals. Having a healthy diet can boost the student’s energy to a high level and increase concentration. Avoid junk food which may lead to sickness, diseases, and obesity.

Eat healthy homemade and not junk, plan your weekly meal time table.

As seasons change there is temperature change, one should involve seasonal fruits and vegetables according to the season change which is good for health and maintaining body temperature.

Eat local. Eat what is seasonal. Get rid of bad diet and unhealthy and unhygienic eating habits. Healthy students learn better and effectively.

Get enough sleep

It is one of the most difficult things for anyone to get in or get out of the couch. Students of the 14-17 age group should sleep for 8-10 hours, the 18-25 age group should for 7-9 hours.

Oversleeping or less sleep can lead to obesity, heart diseases and poor coordination, increased negative feelings, poor performance in school and studies.

A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that as much as two-thirds of high school students get less than seven hours of sleep at night. The study also found that girls and students in higher grades are getting the least amount of sleep.

Benefits of proper night sleep are improved grades, better memory, low risk of obesity, decreased chances of getting sick, improved mood.

Create a proper routine that will be followed regularly by students for a healthy lifestyle.

Find a way to do physical activities

Physical activities and exercise helps to maintain a healthy body and keep our mind sharp. Students cannot exercise due to busy schedules and lack of time and money. But staying physically fit doesn’t mean working out every day.

One can go walking to a small distance or get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way while going for class or school or college or work. If possible one can visit the gym as and when possible.

Don’t forget to involve family and friends! One can involve family or friends, so they can get motivated to do exercise and physical activities. Create a friendly workout and follow it daily with your friends or family members.

Exercise and physical activities can help students control body weight, improve mood, improve studying skills and study strategies.

Maintain a diary

Maintaining a diary or journal is a tool to manage stress and frustration. Jotting down what you are going to do and what you have done sharpens your mind, keeps you and the schedule on time. It helps students to keep a track of what work is being down and what is completed.

Manage stress

Stress occur in students who are overwhelmed by balancing multiple classes with work schedules and extra activities. If the point mentioned is followed by students the students will lower the stress.

  • Physical activities are the greatest way to relieve stress.
  • A healthy diet can lead to a stress-free lifestyle.
  • Do things that you enjoy and relax your mind.
  • Get out and watch the nature, breath fresh air focus and just chill out.
  • Talking to your near once can reduce your stress.  

Stress is rough, but using the above methods will help you relax and get back to your schedule.

So Rise and shine should be kept as a motto. Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, and that’s very important for good health. The above tips help students to maintain a healthy life in a busy schedule for students. 

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