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How to monetize your blog or vlog aka video blog?

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Now that you have got a gist about how a career as a blogger or as a vlogger works. It’s time to know how to monetize your blog or vlog aka video blog? A lot of money can be made with either of the two or both.

 Once your blog or vlog is live with all the much-needed efforts, you can now earn big time and make money online. There are tons of ways to monetize the blog. It’s absolutely okay not to know what’s ‘monetization’!

Let me quickly give you a brief what monetization means: Monetization is the process of earning revenue with any action. This is the easiest part of it all. When you as a blogger refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

How to monetize your blog

 When your blog becomes popular amongst readers; advertisers will hound over your blog to sell their products or services. You can make good use of this opportunity by signing up for Google Adsense. This particular website finds advertisers for you and by entering a code you can enable ads to run in your blog. It’s an automated process and the selection of ads is done by Google Adsense. An ad relevant to your blog will flash on your respective blog page. One more way to monetize the blog is by selling advertising space on your blog.

Three ways a blogger and a YouTuber earn cash using Google Adsense

  1. Earning based on impressions:

It depends on the number of page views. E.g. for every thousand pages view young a dollar.

  1. Earning based on clicks:

It reflects only when a visitor clicks on the advertisement on your blog site. The amount you earn depends on your share of the ad revenue.

3.Start by creating an AdSense account:

  Go to YouTube’s monetization page and click on the ‘enable my account’ tab.

How to monetize your vlog

A Youtuber can make money by displaying video ads that pop up while a viewer surfs a YouTube video. This type of ad has a skip option and YouTube’s monetization policy depends on how long the audience has watched the video or if it’s clicked. Usually, advertisers only pay if the video is watched for at least 30 seconds. Simply, set the monetization as default on YouTube. This way every video you upload will be monetized

Steps to monetize on YouTube channel

At the top right side of the account. Select an icon : Creator Studio. In the left sidebar of menu select channel as upload defaults

What are podcasts and how can you earn via them?

 Podcasts are digital series of audio or video. The term podcasting refers to the distribution of podcasts on the website through the internet. A podcast can be in audio, video, pdf, or epub file format. They can be streamed on personal computers or mobile devices. In your case, it can be your blog or vlog that you can upload in any of the above formats.

  To upload a podcast one doesn’t need a website. It can be uploaded on websites hosting podcasts namely: SoundCloud, BuzzSprouts, or PodBean by embedding the podcast on Making money through podcasts can be done by asking subscribers to support your podcasts with crowdfunding or donation. Just add a payment form on your website where subscribers can make a the contribution.

What is Affiliate marketing?

 Affiliate marketing is when you refer or promote someone’s products online. If that person purchase of that product or service on the basis of your recommendation- ‘You get paid’ It is the best and most convenient way to make money because you can promote a wide variety of products. You can find a long list of products online and choose to affiliate with on websites like Amazon or Flipkart or any other famous online store. If you personally like a brand you can directly approach them formally to sponsor your blog or vlog.

How to make use of Affiliate marketing for blogs or vlogs as well as podcasts?

  •  You can use affiliate marketing for recommending and promoting third-party products and services to your readers or audience.
  • You can also sell your own products and services by syncing an online store to your blog website.


How to use a plugin on WordPress to affiliate links?

 Once the product selection is done for promotion it’s URL can be used as a WordPress plugin to manage the affiliate links. A plugin allows you to directly insert links into the posts, create branded links, auto-replace keywords into links, and even see how each link is performing on the podcast site.

Finally, when your blog or vlog gets sponsored. Make sure you reveal it to your audience that the content is sponsored. Be genuine to your readers will admire that quality.

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