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Must-Have Tips To Job Search During Pandemic

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Must-Have Tips To Job Search During Pandemic

Have you lost your job during the pandemic?  Do not know how to search for a new job during this uncertain time (where many companies are laying off workers and are shifting to remote working to combat the COVID-19 pandemic)? Is your mind raising the question, “How the heck am I supposed to find a new job?” In unprecedented crisis such as this, it’s normal for you to fear, be anxious and feel the disappointment from developing a strong job search.

Although current job recruiting process have slowed down, there are some companies that are still searching talent for their jobs and seeing whether they possess the ability to face adversity with resilience and solve existing problems.

With job search and its requirements by certain companies seem challenging as it may, the rise in the number of job hunting ideally becomes more competitive. To find and land one of the jobs which exist, here’s what you need to have:

5 Must-Have Tips For Job Searching During Pandemic

Implement these 5 tips for conducting a job search during a pandemic, to gain the clarity and confidence to move ahead in your career.

1. While the waiting game, “Be patient and highly active.”

Keep searching for jobs. Do not stop. Search in most popular job recruiting sites daily and instantly apply for every job postings that you might have keen interest in. Remember that best jobs are quickly taken hold of. Be determined and do not give up too anxiety and inactiveness. Try letting your friends know by informing them that you’re searching for a job. Ask them to mention you a job if they find one. Even if it is a contract work let them know that you’re willing to work for it.

2. Broaden your focus.

Anticipate about which recruiters might still hire you like IT services, food and production distribution, groceries and landscaping or supply chain management. Instead of focusing on specific job titles, shift your centre of attention to what certain job hirers require and on your skill-sets. Accordingly, you may have to rely on a distinct kind of employment which utilises your skill-sets and background.

3. Revamp your visibility and Research.

Control the situation you’re in. It will help you in settling down the panic. Note down the list of hiring managers and target recruiters and connect with them proactively. Explain them about your specific interest in working for them. The best way to ensure an employer is by upgrading your job profile. Revamp your job profile in a certain way that it showcases all your strong points, capturing the employer’s attention and giving the reason that why you must be hired. Make it a point to closely focus on different target employers (for instance, research their team leadership and how they act towards the current crisis and deal with their employees). If you receive the opportunity to an interview, you can then show you’ve done your homework.

4. Influence your time and career.

Update your skill-set by making yourself a better candidate through assessing the skills job postings ask for. You can achieve skills that match the most intriguing job opportunities by learning various free courses offered online.

5. Do not jump in desperation.

It is better to apply for every interesting job postings. But, you need to assess beforehand about the employer who interviews you. You do not wish to jump from one job to another.


No one knows till when the pandemic will last. It is better that you respond to various job posting. More importantly, you need to strengthen connections with your networks online and Identify and apply to the growth industries and specializations accordingly.

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