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The travel and tourism business is one of India’s fastest-growing industries. The substantial expansion achieved by the travel and tourism industry in recent years has never been seen before. Tourism refers to travel for pleasure, leisure, or business. According to several projections, by 2025, the industry is predicted to provide over 45 million employment in India. In the travel and tourism industry, students have a lot of opportunities. 

The travel and tourism industry is rapidly expanding. People are more exposed to different tourism destinations throughout the world because to social media. Travel and tourism professionals come to the rescue to assist people realise their goal of travelling.

In the fast-growing travel and tourism industry, students have a multitude of job options. At the undergraduate or postgraduate level, candidates might pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate programme in travel and tourism. Candidates can also obtain a PhD in their chosen field of travel and tourism to advance their research career.

Travel and Tourism requirements

To begin a career in the travel and tourism industry, a candidate must meet some basic requirements. These basic educational requirements must be met by the candidate. To begin with, they must pass class 12 with a minimum percentage in any stream. Then you’ll require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. If you don’t wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree, diploma or certificate courses are an option. Nowadays, a wide range of diploma courses are offered. After completing your bachelor’s degree, you can seek employment or continue your education. You can continue your education by pursuing a master’s degree or a postgraduate diploma.

Aside from these essential qualifications, the candidate should also have certain soft skills. These abilities will assist them in obtaining more job opportunities. The following are some of these abilities:

A career in tourism necessitates decent to excellent communication abilities. Being a good communicator will set you out from the crowd and get you a good reputation soon.

This is a quality that every travel agent should possess. Customers' complaints and grievances must be heard by the candidates. They should be able to patiently listen to others.

In the hotel and tourism industry, organizational abilities are essential. To be able to complete everyday duties efficiently, it is necessary to keep an organized structure.

When it comes to the precise qualifications required by a wide range of host companies and organisations, the ability to fit in with the current team is frequently considered crucial when selecting a candidate.

Understanding the needs of the customer and being able to provide a positive customer service experience are the cornerstones of excellent customer service skills.

Hospitality managers sometimes work on multiple projects at once, juggling a heavy workload at a rapid pace. In the hospitality and tourist industries, you must be able to multitask while remaining calm and stress-free organization

Tourism Eligibility

Stream Undergraduate Diploma or Certificate Postgraduate
Candidates should passed class 12 from any educational board. Candidates should clear graduation from a recognised institute/ university. In case they don’t want to pursue graduation degree, then they can go for diploma or certificate courses. Candidates should clear post graduation from a recognised institute/ university.
The candidates should pass with a minimum percentage of 50-60%. The candidates should pass with a minimum percentage of 45-60%. To get admission in these course, candidate need to pass class 12th. The candidates should pass with a minimum percentage of 45-60%
You can pursue class 12 in any stream(Commerce, arts and science). You can pursue class degree in any relevant course. Candidate can pursue diploma or certificate in any specialization. You can pursue class degree in any relevant course.

Travel and Tourism Courses

Undergraduate Courses Diploma Courses Postgraduate Courses
BA in Travel and Tourism Management Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management Masters in Travel and Tourism Management
B.Sc. in Travel and Tourism Management Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management M.Sc. in Hospitality and Travel Management
BA Tourism Studies Diploma in Tourist Guide Master in Tourism and Hotel management
BA in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management Diploma in Airfare and Ticketing MA Travel and Tourism
Bachelor of Tourism Administration Diploma in Tourism Studies MBA In Event Management and Public Relation
B.Sc. in Hospitality and Travel Management Diploma in Tourism and Ticketing Masters of Tourism Administration
BBA in Air Travel Management Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management MBA in airlines, tourism, and hospitality management
B.Com. Travel and Tourism Management PG Diploma in Event Management Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Tourism
Bachelor of Tourism Studies PG Diploma Travel and Tourism MBA Tourism and Cargo Management

Top colleges for travel and tourism courses

College Name Location
National Institue of Tourism and Hospitality Hyderabad
IIHM Kolkata
Parul University Vadodra
Chandigarh University Chandigarh
SRM Institue of Hotel Management Chennai
SITAM Hyderabad
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Delhi
Annamalai University Chennai
University of Mumbai Mumbai

The work description of travel and tourism graduate

The job description varies from person to person. Every profession has its own specializations. Some common work activities of all travel and tourism graduates are as follows-

  1. They plan and offer travel services such as transportation, lodging, insurance, and other travel services.
  2. Make hotel reservations, book transportation, and collect payment/fees.
  3. To market plan tour packages, employ advertising strategies, and produce promotional materials.
  4. Identifying clients’ needs and recommending appropriate trip packages.
  5. Organizing trips from start to finish, including tickets, lodging, and transportation.
  6. Providing passengers with valuable travel/holiday materials and important information.
  7. They examine costs, customs, weather conditions, and reviews for various destinations and modes of transportation.
  8. Attend seminars to stay up to date on the latest tourist trends.

Job profiles of travel and tourism graduates

Job Name Job Description
Travel Agent A travel agent assesses tourists' needs and assists them in making the finest travel arrangements possible. To offer their trip packages to clients, many hotels and travel companies engage travel agents.
Tour operator A tour operator is a professional who plans tours and oversees travelers’ travel and accommodations. Numerous companies run trips for both domestic and international consumers.
Tourist guide A tourist guide assists tourists in visiting various tourist attractions by providing information on the cultural, historical, and modern history of the attractions.
Travel writer A travel writer is responsible for a wide range of stories on travel, including historical sites, vacations, adventures, and so on.
Transport officer They do things like maintaining the vehicle fleet, monitor vehicle establishment programs, and certify the ground transportation budget, among other things.
Airline staff In sectors such as commercial activities, airport operations, and airline operations, airline personnel plays a critical role.
Travel Expense analyst The Travel Analyst will be in charge of managing corporate and purchasing card programs, as well as day-to-day expenses. The Analyst will be expected to prioritize and balance business requirements while also providing great customer service.
Tourism manager A tourist manager uses various advertising methods and initiatives to promote tourism in his or her location.
Travel consultant A travel counselor's job is to provide clients with comprehensive travel advice. A travel advisor ensures that clients receive the best possible travel deals.
Travel Executive A travel executive is in charge of organizing many parts of a trip, such as transportation, flight reservations, hotel accommodations, and destination information.

Internships for travel and tourism students

Internships are necessary for students of every vourde and profession. Internships provide them with real world work experience. The candidates can practice their theoretical education practically while pursuing an internship. Students of travel and tourism can also go for internships. There are several companies who provides internships for the graduates. You can go for paid as well as unpaid internships as per the relevancy.

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