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How to Build a Successful Career in Tea Husbandry and Technology

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Career in Tea Husbandry and Technology


Career in Tea Husbandry and Technology is one of the most underrated and undiscovered by many students in the country, nonetheless, this sector provides great growth opportunities and potential for earnings as tea is the most preferred beverage in the country. India is the 2nd largest producer of tea only after China which gives rise to many job opportunities in the country. If you’re considering a Career in Tea Husbandry and Technology, this could be a promising field.

Are you interested in building a Career in Tea Husbandry and Technology?

To build a Career in Tea Husbandry and Technology, you need first to understand the job profile and responsibilities of the Tea Husbandry & Technology Career. This is a crucial step in your journey towards a successful career in this field.

This blog gives you a detailed idea of what it is like to pursue a Career in Tea Husbandry and Technology in India.

Eligibility & Courses

Interested candidates can undertake a Bachelor’s degree in Tea Husbandry & Technology which is a 3-year degree program, the candidate must have decent marks in the bachelor’s program so that they can also enroll in the Master’s Program so that they can improve their Career in Tea Husbandry and Technology.

Degrees in Agricultural Science, Food Science, Horticulture, and B.Sc Botany are the most preferred degrees to enter into this field.

Work Description

The professionals in the Tea Husbandary and technology sector are responsible for plant work, processing, auctioning, branding, marketing, and research. The people working on the plantation are responsible for nurturing tea plants in the plantations which include preparing the soil, applying the appropriate fertilizers, choosing the right variety best suited for the prevailing conditions, and supervising the pinching and plucking of the leaves while, Processing work involves the crushing, tearing, and curling of the leaves, which takes place in the factories. 

Top Colleges in India

Assam Agricultural UniversityOffers courses and research opportunities in agriculture, including tea husbandry and technology. Located in Jorhat, Assam.
Darjeeling Polytechnic CollegeProvides diploma and degree programs in agriculture and technology, with a focus on tea cultivation and processing. Situated in Darjeeling, West Bengal.
Indian Institute of Plantation Management, BangaloreSpecializes in management education related to agribusiness, including tea plantation management. Located in Bangalore, Karnataka.
UPASI Tea Research FoundationConducts research and offers training programs in tea cultivation, processing, and technology. Situated in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu.
Kerala Agricultural UniversityOffers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in agriculture, including courses related to tea husbandry and technology. Located in Thrissur, Kerala.

Top Colleges in Mumbai

Institute of Chemical Technoogy (ICT)Offers courses in food technology and agricultural engineering, which can be relevant for careers in tea technology. Located in Matunga, Mumbai.
Guru Nanak Khalsa CollegeProvides courses in agriculture and environmental science, which can be beneficial for understanding tea cultivation. Situated in Matunga, Mumbai.
Ramnarain Ruia CollegeOffers undergraduate programs in life sciences, including botany and agricultural science, relevant to tea cultivation. Located in Matunga, Mumbai.
SNDT Women’s UniversityProvides courses in agriculture and allied sciences, which can be helpful for careers in tea husbandry and technology. Located in Churchgate, Mumbai.
K.J. Somaiya College of Science and CommerceOffers courses in biotechnology and environmental science, which are pertinent to careers in tea cultivation and technology. Located in Vidyavihar, Mumbai.

Job profiles

Job ProfileDescription
Tea Plantation ManagerOversees all aspects of tea cultivation, including planting, maintenance, harvesting, and pest control. Manages laborers, budgets, and ensures quality control.
Tea Processing TechnicianOperates machinery and equipment in the tea processing plant. Monitors tea leaves during drying, rolling, and fermentation processes to ensure quality and consistency.
Tea Quality Assurance ManagerDevelops and implements quality control procedures to ensure tea meets industry standards. Conducts inspections, tests samples, and maintains records of quality metrics.
Tea Research ScientistConducts research to improve tea cultivation techniques, develop new tea varieties, and enhance tea processing methods. Analyzes data and publishes findings in scientific journals.
Tea Marketing SpecialistDevelops marketing strategies to promote tea products to consumers. Conducts market research, identifies target demographics, and implements advertising campaigns.


According to a study, students having degrees in Tea Husbandry & Technology have been gainfully employed in the tea industry in India as well as abroad and the market is said to grow by 25% by the end of 2026. There are many options for a Career in Tea Husbandry and Technology such as project scientist, microbiologist, tea taster, researcher, tea broker, consultant, or manager, and If one manages to get to a higher position in the business market one can make a very lucrative career out of it. Interested candidates must have a knowledge and understanding of the tea market along with proper business skills to make it in the Industry.


Q1: What are the key skills required for a career in Tea Husbandry and Technology?

A1: Effective communication, attention to detail, and food safety knowledge are essential skills.

Q2: What educational qualifications are necessary to pursue a career in Tea Husbandry and Technology?

A2: A Bachelor’s degree in Tea Husbandry & Technology or related fields like Agricultural Science, Food Science, or Botany is necessary.

Q3: What are the typical job profiles in the Tea Husbandry and Technology sector?

A3: Job profiles include plantation managers, processing technicians, quality assurance managers, research scientists, and marketing specialists.

Q4: What are the responsibilities associated with working in the Tea Husbandry and Technology sector?

A4: Responsibilities involve planting, maintaining crops, processing leaves, ensuring quality, overseeing workers, and monitoring crop growth.

Q5: What career prospects and growth opportunities are available in the Tea Husbandry and Technology industry?

A5: Graduates can pursue careers as scientists, tasters, researchers, brokers, consultants, or managers, with the industry projected to grow by 25% by 2026.

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