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Learn how to enroll for BBA in the Digital Marketing program.

BBA in the Digital Marketing


A three-year BBA in the Digital Marketing is accessible after 12th grade. Digital marketing is a very recent and popular marketing technique. Digital marketers are in high demand, which is attracting a large number of job applicants. Students who get a BBA in the Digital Marketing are given a refresher course on some of the most important skills.

This program is open to those who have creative and original thinking abilities, critical thinking skills, and strong interpersonal and communication skills. One such specialty program is a BBA in the Digital Marketing. This curriculum focuses on Digital Marketing, as well as basic management topics.

A 10+2 qualification from a recognized educational board is the minimum requirement for pursuing a BBA in the Digital Marketing program. In India, the typical yearly course price varies between INR 10K and 1 Lakh, depending on the institute. Admission to the course is determined by a candidate’s performance at the 10+2 level or in a relevant entrance exam, which is usually followed by a round of Personal Interviews. The three-year BBA in the Digital Marketing is broken into six semesters.


Program DurationTypically a three-year undergraduate degree program, focusing on the principles and practices of digital marketing.
CurriculumCovers topics such as digital advertising, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, analytics, and more.
Practical ExposureEmphasizes hands-on experience through internships, live projects, workshops, and industry interactions.
Industry-RelevantDesigned to meet the evolving needs of the digital marketing industry, providing relevant skills and knowledge.
Career OpportunitiesOpens up various career paths in digital marketing agencies, e-commerce companies, advertising firms, etc.


1. Educational Requirements

Those wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration must satisfy certain educational prerequisites.

The following is a list of academic requirements

2. Soft Skills

Besides the educational requirements, the candidate should possess some other skills as well. These skills will help the candidate to stand out from the crowd. They can get better career opportunities by improving their skills. The following are a common and popular skill set for students studying BBA in digital marketing

It is an essential element of the job description for digital marketers to be familiar with the technology. Without a strong grasp of technology, it would be difficult to conduct any digital campaign. Practice and lessons will help you fine-tune your abilities.

It's doubtful that you'll ever work on just one project as a digital marketer. Because this profession necessitates multitasking, practice improving your talents in this area. You'll need to prioritize your most critical tasks in addition to multitasking.

Fantastic digital marketers stay relevant in the business at all times. This indicates that they can adapt and change. Any modification should have the goal of better meeting the demands of your consumers and prospects.

Set up and analyze the output of social media campaigns, lead management systems, Google Analytics, and a variety of other tools are all examples of analytical abilities. You should be able to understand the data as well. If you don't have analytical abilities yet, you may quickly develop them via practice.

It is critical to have good communication abilities. Because it has the power to make or break initial impressions, communication is a powerful and crucial tool. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, are usually advantageous. No matter where you are, improving your communication skills is always a priority.

The goal of marketing is to persuade consumers to purchase a product. Persuasion refers to your ability to align yourself with executive aims while maintaining your sense of what is best for the business. To reach your own goals, you must be able to persuade your boss to do experiments and invest in technology.

Technical Skills

The following are the technical skills that every BBA candidate should possess

A good digital marketer understands SEO and is aware of as many algorithm parameters as possible. His understanding of SEO will enable him to effortlessly acquire more customers.

To focus on the company's goals, a savvy marketer should be able to study and be a CRO specialist. Also, to make certain that marketing strategies are in line with those objectives.

A digital marketer should also be able to work with Microsoft Excel. They should be able to work with data in Excel. MS Excel makes it simple to keep track of client and customer information.

Knowing WordPress and all of its capabilities and plugins will be essential in your digital marketing career. It will also aid you in the creation of your company's website and blog.

Learning both of these talents will provide you with more employment options. These new technologies must also be learned by a digital marketer.

This is the most difficult skill for a digital marketer to master. The applicant must be able to examine data and derive conclusions from it. They should be well-versed in analytics technologies such as Google Analytics and others.

The digital marketer should be well-versed in email marketing. Because email marketing is a fantastic method to communicate with your consumers. If one wants to become an email marketing manager, then one should learn email marketing.


Eligibility CriteriaDescription
Educational QualificationCompletion of Class 12 or equivalent from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate score.
StreamCandidates from any stream (Science, Commerce, or Arts) are eligible to apply for the program.
Minimum MarksUsually, candidates are required to have a minimum aggregate score ranging from 50% to 60%.
Entrance ExamSome institutes may require candidates to qualify in specific entrance exams like SET, IPMAT, etc.
English ProficiencyProficiency in English language may be required, demonstrated through proficiency tests like IELTS.

Entrance Exam

Entrance ExamDescription
SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)Conducted by Symbiosis International University, SET is a common entrance exam for admission to various undergraduate programs, including BBA in Digital Marketing.
IPMAT (Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test)Administered by IIM Indore, IPMAT is an entrance exam for admission to the Integrated Programme in Management (IPM), which may include a specialization in Digital Marketing.
AIMA UGAT (Under Graduate Aptitude Test)Conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA), UGAT is a national-level entrance exam for admission to various undergraduate programs, including BBA courses.
NPAT (National Test for Programs After Twelfth)Administered by NMIMS University, NPAT is an entrance exam for admission to undergraduate programs, including BBA programs specializing in Digital Marketing.

Top Colleges

College NameDescription
Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (SCMS), PuneSCMS Pune offers a comprehensive BBA program with a specialization in Digital Marketing, providing students with a strong foundation in business and marketing principles along with specialized digital marketing skills.
Christ University, BangaloreChrist University is renowned for its BBA program, offering a specialization in Digital Marketing that covers various aspects of marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and digital tools and platforms.
NMIMS Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce, MumbaiThe BBA program at NMIMS School of Commerce offers a specialization in Digital Marketing, focusing on contemporary marketing concepts, digital analytics, and practical skills needed in the digital marketing industry.
Amity University, NoidaAmity University offers a BBA program in Digital Marketing that emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and web analytics.
Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), ManipalMAHE offers a BBA program with a specialization in Digital Marketing, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies, e-commerce, and online advertising techniques

Employment Sector

One of the primary reasons why many students choose this degree program is the vast range of employment opportunities accessible after graduation. In organizations, there is a lot of competition between firms. Companies have been seeking competent digital marketers to improve their rankings and expand their business. 


No matter what subject you’re studying, you’ll need to get some hands-on experience. Digital marketing is a rapidly expanding sector with several career possibilities and essential skills. If you’re looking for a job in digital marketing and want to understand how to acquire experience, a hands-on internship is the best way to go. The more skills you learn throughout your internship, the more valuable you will be after your BBA. 

Obtaining a digital marketing internship provides the opportunity to meet and engage with professionals. You have the opportunity to meet professionals who may become your referrals via networking. An internship job on your CV demonstrates that you have a good understanding of the role and are eager to work. Internships provide you the chance to put your free time to good use. The internship certificate demonstrates that you have appropriately applied your skills.

Job Prospects

Job TitleDescription
Digital Marketing SpecialistDigital marketing specialists are responsible for developing, implementing, and managing digital marketing campaigns to promote products or services. They utilize various digital channels such as social media, email, and search engines to reach target audiences and drive engagement and conversions.
Social Media ManagerSocial media managers oversee an organization’s presence on social media platforms. They create content, manage posting schedules, engage with followers, and analyze performance metrics to optimize social media strategies and enhance brand visibility and engagement.
SEO SpecialistSEO specialists focus on optimizing website content and structure to improve search engine rankings and visibility. They conduct keyword research, optimize website metadata, and implement on-page and off-page SEO strategies to drive organic traffic and improve website performance.
Content Marketing ManagerContent marketing managers develop and execute content marketing strategies to attract and engage target audiences. They oversee content creation, distribution, and promotion across various channels, such as blogs, websites, social media, and email, to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.
Digital AnalystDigital analysts analyze data from digital marketing campaigns and channels to measure performance, identify trends and insights, and make data-driven recommendations for optimizing marketing strategies and improving ROI. They use tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and social media analytics platforms to track and analyze key metrics.



Q1: What are the educational requirements for pursuing a BBA in Digital Marketing?

A1: Candidates must have completed class 12 from any recognized educational board.

Q2: What soft skills are important for students pursuing BBA in Digital Marketing?

A2: Soft skills such as communication, analytical abilities, adaptability, and persuasion skills are essential for success in the field of digital marketing.

Q3: What technical skills should BBA candidates possess for digital marketing?

A3: Technical skills such as SEO, CRO, proficiency in MS Excel, WordPress, AI & Machine Learning, data analytics, and email marketing are crucial for digital marketing roles.

Q4: What are some employment sectors where graduates of BBA in Digital Marketing can find opportunities?

A4: Graduates can explore opportunities in digital marketing agencies, startups, MNCs, data analytics agencies, social media marketing agencies, internet technology businesses, and online publications.

Q5: Which companies are among the top recruiters for graduates of BBA in Digital Marketing?

A5: Top recruiters include Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, Accenture, Ernst & Young, and many others.

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