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Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Start a Career in Fashion Management

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How to Start a Career in Fashion Management


Fashion business management is concerned with building and sustaining a product’s brand value and recognition through media and ads. A fashion manager is in charge of developing fresh and inventive marketing tactics for a certain product to enhance market demand. As a result, fashion management necessitates extensive study and analysis of current fashion trends. As India’s fashion industry grows, a career in fashion will be a highly profitable alternative.

If you’re wondering how to start a career in Fashion Management, it’s important to know that fashion managers must have a keen eye for detail and excellent communication abilities, as well as a thorough understanding of current market trends. With the establishment of several fashion colleges in India, applicants now have the opportunity to study a variety of fashion degrees in areas like design, management, and retail, among others. Candidates who want to work in the fashion business should enroll in the program.

Skills Required

You must first finish the appropriate educational qualifications to work in fashion business management. If you have these credentials, you can work in the fashion industry as a manager. The following preconditions must be met:

Technical Skills

IT Skills

Eligibility and Courses



Post-graduation/ PG Diploma

Candidates must have completed Class 12th from a recognized institution.

It is required to have a bachelor’s degree (B.A., B.Sc.) or a certificate from a respected university. You must pass the relevant tests to enroll in a graduate program.

A master’s degree (MFA, MBA) or postgraduate diploma (PG Diploma) from a respected university is required. An applicant must pass the appropriate examinations before enrolling in a post-graduate program.

The aspirant needs to pass with a minimum of 45% – 60% aggregate marks.

The candidate should try to pass with a minimum of 45% – 60% aggregate marks.

They should pass with a minimum of 45% – 60% aggregate marks.

Aspirants can pursue their studies in any subject they want. After that, they’ll be able to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Candidates who desire to pursue a B.Sc or B.A. in Fashion Business Management/B.A. in fashion & Lifestyle business management/B.Sc. in fashion Designing can do so. They will be eligible for a master’s degree after that.

They can pursue master’s degrees in fashion business management (Masters in Fashion Management-MFM, MBA).

Fashion Business Management Courses in India-

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate courses

B.A. in fashion & Lifestyle business management

Matsers in Fashion Management (MFM)

B.Sc. in fashion Designing

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Fashion management

Fashion Business Management Course Entrance exam-

Exam name

Conducting Body 

Exam mode


Exam Level

NIFT (NIFT Entrance Exam)

National Institute of Fashion Technology


3 hours

National Level

NID DAT  (NID Design Aptitude Test)

National Institute of Design


3 hours

National Level

SOFT CET ( School of Fashion Technology Common Entrance Test)

School of Fashion Technology, Pune


2 hours 30 minutes

University Level

FDDI AIST (Footwear Design & Development Institute All India Selection Test)

Footwear Design and Development Institute


2 hours 30 minutes

National Level

AIFD WAT (Army Institute of Fashion & Design Written Admission Test)

Army Institute of Fashion and Design, Bangalore


3 hours

University Level

Pearl Academy Entrance Exam

Pearl Academy


2 hours

University Level

CEED (Common Entrance Exam for Design)

IIT Bombay

Online and Offline

3 hours

National Level

SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)

Symbiosis International University


1 Hour 45 Minutes

University Level 

AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design)

ARCH Academy of Design


3 hours

National Level

Top Colleges

College name


National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

Various locations in India

Symbiosis International University


Pearl Academy

Various Locations in India

Amity School of Fashion Technology


School of Fashion Technology 


Indian Institute of Fashion Technology(IIFT)

Various Locations in India

Army Institute of Fashion and Design 


JD Institute of Fashion Technology


National Institute of Design (NID)


International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA)


Internships for Fashion Business Management students-

Candidates should have business experience and a passion for fashion. Trend research, dealing with custom orders, mood board presentation, and modifications will be among the intern’s responsibilities. This is the ideal location for learning about the fashion industry in a small, professional showroom. Internships in fashion technology design provide you the opportunity to work from home and part-time.

Internships with major fashion businesses and firms are available in India for students interested in the fashion industry. Internships offer the following benefits:

  • For a profession in this field, a good academic foundation is necessary, but success is determined by practical talents.
  • An internship is a wonderful way to show a potential employer your talents, passion, and value.
  • If you complete an internship, you will have a higher opportunity of networking with industry leaders. It will aid you in progressing in your profession

Entrance Exams

The Entrance Exam For MBA

Exam Name

Conducting Body


Number of questions

Level of Exam

CAT (Common Aptitude Test)

Indian Institutes of Management (IIM)

2 hours

100 questions

National Level

MAT (Management Aptitude test)

All India Management Association (AIMA)

2 hours 30 minutes

200 questions

National Level

CMAT ( Common Management Admission Test)

National Testing Agency

3 hours

125 questions

National Level

Job Profiles

Job name

Job description

Costume Designers

Costume designers construct each character’s look by creating the garments and accessories that performers will wear on stage, based on the actor’s style and intricacy.

Technical designer

A Technical Designer’s job is to create apparel that meets the needs of the customer while also supporting the brand’s goal. They are an important part of a team that includes designers, merchandisers, and manufacturers.

Visual Merchandiser

A visual merchandiser is in charge of creating the visual appearance of a retail business and the merchandise it sells.

Fashion Coordinator

Fashion Coordinators put together a specific outfit for design events such as photo sessions, TV appearances, runway appearances, and other similar events.

Marketing manager

A marketing manager is in charge of overseeing and assisting in the creation of different advertising or merchandising sales campaigns that aid in the product’s selling.

Fashion Product manager

They are in charge of creating items based on trend analysis and deciding whether or not they will appeal to customers.

Apparel Merchandiser

The major job of an Apparel Merchandiser for a buyer and an exporter is to execute orders flawlessly according to costing and price.

Fashion Consultants

Individuals, customers, and businesses can seek expert fashion guidance and suggestions from them. They help others in the fashion industry by using their knowledge of trends and fashion concepts.

Sales representative

Clients can purchase retail products, merchandise, and initiatives from them. They work with clients to discover what they want and to guarantee that the fashion goods they receive are suitable. They’re also in charge of finding new potential consumers through professional resources, customer recommendations, and other methods.

Brand manager

A Brand Manager’s job involves a variety of responsibilities. They oversee and manage all aspects of a brand’s public exposure, as well as assist in the development of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Export sales manager

An Export Sales Manager is in charge of increasing and increasing sales of various items and commodities in other cities, states, and nations.

Business Development executive

They are in charge of bringing in and implementing business for the firm where they work.

Career in Fashion Business Management-

The following are some sector that provides job to graduates of fashion business management-

  1. Textile mills
  2. Home furnishing companies
  3. Design BPO’s
  4. Large retailers
  5. Brand marketers
  6. Manufacturers
  7. Consultancy organizations
  8. E-retailers
  9. International Brands
  10. Startup firms

Top Recruiters

The following are the top company that hire graduates of Fashion Business Management:



What is Fashion Management?

Fashion Management involves building and sustaining a product’s brand value and recognition through media and ads.

What skills are required for a career in Fashion Management?

A keen eye for detail, excellent communication abilities, and a thorough understanding of current market trends are essential.

How to start a career in Fashion Management?

Enroll in a fashion degree program in areas like design, management, and retail at a reputable fashion college.

Is a career in Fashion Management profitable?

Yes, as the fashion industry grows, a career in fashion can be a highly profitable alternative.

Where can I study for a career in Fashion Management?

There are several fashion colleges in India that offer a variety of fashion degrees.

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