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What is Fashion Communication: Roles, Skills, and Opportunities

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What is Fashion Communication


One of the fastest expanding sub-fields in the fashion business is Fashion Communication. It is one of the most interesting and innovative job possibilities today since it integrates many aspects of the lifestyle business with the fashion industry. Fashion communication specialists are in high demand to create a unique and distinct brand identity that will make a big impact.

A candidate for a job in fashion communication should have excellent communication skills and a thorough understanding of current fashion and lifestyle trends. The fashion communication specialist will be expected to maintain a close watch on the latest fashion trends. Through precise communication abilities, they should be informed of the audience’s current trends.

What is Fashion Communication? It’s a diverse field with a selection of courses to choose from, each with its own set of specialties. It is available at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and guarantees that the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the industry. Admission to fashion communication programs is dependent on academic merit and performance on university admission examinations.

Skill Required

As a fashion communicator, you will be responsible for creating and implementing communication strategies to promote fashion products and brands. Here are some of the essential technical and IT skills required for success in this field:

Technical Skills

IT Skills

In conclusion, a successful fashion communicator should have a combination of technical and IT skills to create and implement effective communication strategies for fashion brands and products. By possessing these skills, they can produce compelling content, create attractive visuals, build relationships with the media, plan events, and use social media and analytics to measure success and make data-driven decisions.

Eligibility & Courses



Post-graduation/ PG Diploma

Candidates must have completed Class 12th from a recognized institution.

It is required to have a bachelor’s degree (B.Des) or a certificate from a respected university. You must pass the relevant tests to enroll in a graduate program.

A master’s degree (M.Des) or a postgraduate diploma (PG Diploma) from a respected university is required. An applicant must pass the appropriate examinations before enrolling in a post-graduate program.

The aspirant needs to pass with a minimum of 45% – 60% aggregate marks.

The candidate should try to pass with a minimum of 45% – 60% aggregate marks.

They should pass with a minimum of 45% – 60% aggregate marks.

They have the option of studying in any field they want. They’ll be allowed to seek a bachelor’s degree after that.

They have the option of majoring in Fashion Communication (B.Des)/Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFTech) They will be eligible for a master’s degree after that.

They can pursue master’s degrees in (M.Des) Fashion Communication/Diploma in fashion communication.

Fashion Communication Courses-

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate courses

Diploma courses

B.Des. in Fashion Communication

M..Des. in Fashion Communication

Diploma in fashion communication

Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFTech)

PG Diploma in Fashion Communication

Top Colleges

College name


National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

Various locations in India

Symbiosis International University


Pearl Academy

Various Locations in India

Amity University


Footwear Design and Development Institute


School of Fashion Technology 


Indian Institute of Fashion Technology(IIFT)


Army Institute of Fashion and Design 


JD Institute of Fashion Technology


National Institute of Design (NID)


Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies(NMIMS)


International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA)


Internships for Fashion Communication graduates-

Internships in fashion communication design provide you the opportunity to work from home and part-time. Internships with major fashion companies and firms are available in India for students interested in fashion communication. During their internship, students get a complete understanding of the firm as well as every aspect of current fashion trends.

Internships offer the following benefits:

  • A profession in design has a strong academic foundation, but success is contingent on practical skills.
  • An internship is a wonderful way to show off your skills, passion, and value to a potential employer.
  • If you complete an internship, you will have a higher opportunity of networking with industry leaders. It will help you advance in your profession.

Entrance Exams

Exam name

Conducting Body 

Exam mode


Exam Level

NIFT (NIFT Entrance Exam)

National Institute of Fashion Technology


3 hours

National Level

NID DAT  (NID Design Aptitude Test)

National Institute of Design


3 hours

National Level

NPAT (NMIMS Programs After Twelfth)

Narsee Monjee University


2 hours

University Level

SOFT CET ( School of Fashion Technology Common Entrance Test)

School of Fashion Technology, Pune


2 hours 30 minutes

University Level

FDDI AIST (Footwear Design & Development Institute All India Selection Test)

Footwear Design and Development Institute


2 hours 30 minutes

National Level

AIFD WAT (Army Institute of Fashion & Design Written Admission Test)

Army Institute of Fashion and Design, Bangalore


3 hours

University Level

Pearl Academy Entrance Exam

Pearl Academy


2 hours

University Level

CEED (Common Entrance Exam for Design)

IIT Bombay

Online and Offline

3 hours

National Level

SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)

Symbiosis International University


1 Hour 45 Minutes

University Level 

AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design)

ARCH Academy of Design


3 hours

National Level

Job Profiles

Job name

Job description

Fashion Advertiser

They need to create unique marketing campaigns using digital media, radio, and video. They must promote the fashion industry’s styles, trends, goods, and brands. A Fashion Advertiser is responsible for writing or supervising the creation of a marketing message.

Retail Space Designer

They are in charge of selecting appropriate apparel cost-effectively by putting their methods into action to establish the project’s scope of work. They also handle the finances for numerous projects and auctions and arrange the routine. They should work on many areas of retail space design and construction.

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists are mostly employed by apparel companies in the fashion industry. A professional fashion stylist chooses appropriate clothing and accessories, as well as grooming models for appealing photoshoots.

Brand manager

They want to leave a favorable and lasting impact on clients’ minds about their brand. They want to enhance customer happiness through enhancing service and adding value by keeping track of market developments.

Public relations manager

They should improve the organization’s reputation through effective media coverage, as well as develop and administer the organization’s public relations.

Graphics Designer

In the fashion sector, having a professional graphics designer is critical. They are crucial in creating appealing pictures and posters to advertise companies and reach out to potential customers.

Image Consultant

Image consultants advise businesses and their staff on how to improve their look. They are specialists in advising people on what style, color, and material would be ideal for their personality and body type, and how to portray themselves in public.

Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandisers are the brains behind any brand’s beautiful displays and decorations. It is done through the use of color, symmetry, presentation, and interpersonal skills to attract consumers. They successfully exhibit a product by employing the greatest retail methods that extend the product’s attractiveness.

Fashion Journalist

A fashion journalist’s job requires a significant understanding of the fashion industry. They should keep themselves informed about current fashion trends. The majority of fashion journalists’ time is spent on research, event planning, and fact-checking. They also create material for ads and print publications.

Fashion Photographer

Fashion photographers share their ideas for effectively displaying apparel companies in advertising campaigns, catalogs, and magazines. They also make certain that the ideal picture is accurately conveyed. Through their photoshoots, they hope to promote the newest clothing trends and other items in creative and new ways.

Design Assistant

A design assistant’s responsibilities include creating technical drawings, explaining new ideas to designers, locating fabric sources, and obtaining client approval for designs.

Art Director

Art directors are in charge of determining the best visual representation of a particular topic. Art directors are in charge of developing material for a fashion brand or magazine. They also need to communicate the client’s intended message to customers through well-designed content.

Fashion Marketing Manager

A fashion marketing manager brings fashion and business together by using efficient marketing tactics to increase product sales.

Event Manager

An event manager’s job is to promote consumer involvement by efficiently organizing corporate events through well-planned tactics. An event manager is also required to contribute ideas for the event’s decorating, theme, and props.


What is Fashion Communication?

It’s a field in the fashion industry that focuses on creating a unique and distinct brand identity through innovative communication strategies.

What skills are required for a job in Fashion Communication?

Essential skills include fashion writing, visual communication, public relations, event planning, social media management, content management, analytics, and sketching and drawing.

What are the educational requirements to enter the field of Fashion Communication?

Candidates must have completed Class 12th from a recognized institution. For higher studies, a bachelor’s degree (B.Des) or a certificate from a respected university is required. For post-graduation, a master’s degree (M.Des) or a postgraduate diploma (PG Diploma) from a respected university is required.

What is the role of a Fashion Communication specialist?

A Fashion Communication specialist is responsible for creating compelling content, creating attractive visuals, building relationships with the media, planning events, and using social media and analytics to measure success and make data-driven decisions.

What are the career prospects in Fashion Communication?

Fashion Communication specialists are in high demand to create a unique and distinct brand identity. They can work in various roles such as fashion writers, visual communicators, public relations officers, event planners, and more.
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