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Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless Power Transfer


Wireless Power Transfer is a trending new topic in the electronics industry. This latest technology is being integrated into various types of systems and devices. In this blog post, learn about what is Wireless Power Transfer system, its benefits, applications, and market trends.

What exactly is a Wireless Power Transfer? How it works?

Wireless Power Transfer also known as WPT is transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical device without the utilization of cord conductors. Being a widespread necessity between both businesses and customers, the technology is continuously advancing and becoming more common.

Now how does Wireless Power Transfer work? This technology uses the fundamental concept that every engineers know about, “Faraday’s Law of Induction.” The law states that a changing magnetic field causes an AC current.

Wireless Power Transfer includes two coils:

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter

More or less these coils act as inductors. You can imagine them as a transformer that doesn’t have a core. Significantly, they are two coils that are coupled inductively.

Benefits of Wireless Power Transfer

Completely seal your device – Whether you are searching to eliminate something from the system that you do not wish, remove power port or boost your product from water resistant to waterproof, wireless power can be your ideal choice.

Less cord clutter – Each mobile handset needs its own charging cord. Because of this most of us continuously search for adapters at our homes. Wireless Power technology gets rid of those problems by offering cordless power solution for all those devices universally.

Highly expandable power range – Wireless Power provides large number of applications ranging from 0 to above 200W of power transfer. Thus, the efficiency levels are too high.

Increased product life – This technology offers robust product to design manufacturers by removing the physical restrictions of connectors such as corrosion on contact points, etc.

Market Trends

Being a comparatively latest phenomenon, the market for Wireless Power Transfer initiated at a small scale in 2012. It consisted of basic consumer applications such as mobile phones and tablets. An estimate of $1 billion was seen in the market in 2015 whereas in 2016, market growth exceeded more than $1 billion. It is assumed that by 2022 wireless power will meet an aggressive growth of more than $5 billion. This increase in growth factor will continue to dominate the consumer market and growth expansion will most likely be seen in automotive and industrial markets.

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Many devices and systems are using some form of wireless power transfer right now. From cars to public transportation, mobile phones, and toothbrushes, there are several applications. If we implement this method to modern technology, not only it will benefit the consumers but it will also build a strong future for market industries.  

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