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WhatsApp Web Dark Mode, “Coming Soon!!!” 



WhatsApp, the social networking messaging platform, owned by Facebook popular for allowing messages and calls on both desktop and mobile devices with over two billion users worldwide, will soon roll out the most anticipated dark mode update on web interface. It has already brought dark mode to its application on Android and iOS. Although it is still officially working on bringing the dark theme to the web, users for now can enable dark mode temporarily prior to the official release. How? By following certain steps.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

Step 1: Visit WhatsApp Web

Open WhatsApp Web Interface on desktop by typing in the URL while simultaneously opening the application on your mobile handset by tapping on “” and selecting WhatsApp Web option then pointing your mobile phone at the screen to capture the code.

Once you accomplish this, you will immediately log in the web version of the social messaging service.

Step 2: Clicking Inspect

Now with the web version of whatsapp open, just right click anywhere on the Window Screen outside the chat, a pop up will open. Go to the bottom of the pop up and right click on, “Inspect.” It will open up the browser console.

You can alternatively also press Ctrl+Shift+I.

Step 3: Press Ctrl+F

With the split screen view browser console open, you might be able to view the coding elements of the WhatsApp Web page along with a console for editing. Now, you need to find the line that reads body class=“web” (defines the class of the original theme).

To find, press Ctrl+F.

Step 4: Modify the string “web” with “web dark”

Once you find the line body class=“web”, double click on the line to turn on the cursor. Now change the word “web” with “web dark” and hit enter to apply the string.

Step 5: WhatsApp Web, successfully now uses the dark mode

The web interface is now dark mode ready. This feature sets the background of the chat windows to a super dark shade of olive green. The chat tabs are set to a slightly lighter shade whereas the sent messages are encased in bubbles which are lighter green. Apart from this, the received messages show up on a grey text snippet. The overall looks of the dark theme are quite appealing.

However, this dark mode is not an officially integrated feature of whatsapp. Once you close the page or refresh the tab, WhatsApp Web will automatically switch back to the original theme viz light theme.

WABetaInfo notes that Thales, a member of its Discord Server Community, originally discovered this trick.  You can get the feature easily without installing web browser plugins or disrupting other pages. But, the procedure for acquiring service is quite painful.


In the future, we look forward to WhatsApp Web having an official software toggle that will change the settings within Inspect. Till then patiently waiting for the release of the official toggle is recommended to everyone

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