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Twitter Hide Replies Feature Launches, “Worldwide!”

Twitter Hide Replies Feature


It’s finally rolled out! New feature on twitter, “Hide Replies.” On a global scale, it allows you to hide irrelevant and annoying discussions. This new feature can be used on platforms like Android, iOS,, and Twitter Lite. 

People who currently reply to your tweet can change the topic of conversation by interfering with what you wish to speak with your target audience. To give users more authority over their conversations, Twitter came up with this new solution. Twitter tested out this new feature and learned that it is useful to manage your discussions.

How it works

Anyone can hide replies to their tweets. Every user can see and engage with hidden replies on tapping the grey icon. By doing this, users will get control over the decisions they begin with, but an entire text conversation can still be seen.

This option helps to shut out 85 percent noise created by people who hide replies without blocking and muting. It is not the same as the delete button but what it does is hide your reply behind an icon. If your followers wish to see hidden texts, they can do so by pressing the icon to view.

The feature was tested first in Canada, then in the US and later in Japan this recent September. 27 percent of people in Canada who hid their tweets said, they will reconsider how they shall interact to others in the future. They also thought that it was a helpful method to manage what they viewed, the same as muted keywords.

Some of them had to say, they didn’t wish to hide replies because they feared getting retaliated as the icon remains visible. Twitter said that they will continue to get some more feedback on it.

As of the latest, the firm is working on new controls and clarity around the rules of conversation spaces. Twitter is building a new hide replies feature where developers can build extra management tools for controlling conversations.

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