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Smart Cloths

Smart Cloths


A combination of dirt, dust and oily fingerprints can often make screens difficult to read. Ordinary cloths are not that capable to clean screens and glasses, we have to use cleaning sprays and liquids. These sprays and liquids are inconvenient and unhealthy for electronic devices.

 So the smart cloths are the world’s best touch screen and lens cleaners that clean without sprays or liquids are needed to make screens and eye-wear sparkling clean and germ-free. 

Smart cloths are the ideal solution for cleaning all forms of smart technology in-home or office environment. It is suitable for Smartphones, Tablets, Plasma, E-readers, Monitors, Glasses, Laptops, and TV Mirrors, eye wears, and types of machinery. 

These smart cloths are antimicrobial and are naturally hydrophilic to absorb liquids and oils from phone and lenses with just a few quick wipes. It helps to eliminate smudges, residue, and germs, both screen and lens cleaning, machine washable and durable for long life.

Smart Cloths Gives You Clarity

The smart cloths are expertly developed with intelligent function and smart designs to keep screens clean without using any messy sprays or liquids. Those are anti-static and anti-dust, and also machine washable and durable for long life. 

It is a dual-sided with a plush microfiber on one side for buffing and a uniquely patterned smooth side on the other for polishing. It has durable hemming around all the edges which keeps smart cloth looking good for years to come. 

Smart Cloths are clean

The smart cloth is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield that makes the cloths antimicrobial-resistant to mold and mildew, anti-static and anti-dust. The fabric is used in smart cloths are the same fabric treatment is used in hospitals and operating rooms to keep their fabrics and linens sanitary. 

It is super dry because sprays and liquids are inconvenient and unhealthy for electronic devices. 

Smart Cloths are Naturally Hydrophilic

They are naturally hydrophilic and quickly absorb oils and liquids from screens and lenses. It does this with a quick wipe, eliminates much of the residue that ordinary spray cleaners leave behind. 

Make screens Smudge-free

For an ultra-clean screen, it wipe away unsightly fingerprints and smudges without messy sprays or wet wipes. Due to smart cloths there are no more inconvenient spray bottles to carry. And electronic devices can get damaged because of moisture. 

Features of Smart Cloths:

Clean without Sprays and liquids. 

It has antimicrobial-resists mold and mildew.

It is machine washable and durable for a long life.

It is dual-sided for buffing and polishing.

Provide 100% microfiber for scratch-free cleaning.

It cleans both screens and lenses.

Very convenient, portable, and stylish.

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