How to Download and Install Dev C++


Dev C++ is a free full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming in C and C++. Developed by Bloodshed software.  Dev C++ is shipped with the open-source MinGW compiler. This compiler uses GCC, the GNU g++ compiler collection. 


  • Support GCC based compilers
  • Involve function listing. 
  • Integrated Debugging
  • It has customizable syntax highlighting editor 
  • Supports profiling 
  • It quickly creates Windows, console, and static
  • Dev C++ supports of templates for creating own project types
  • Edit and compile resource files
  • Consist of find and replace facilities. 
  • Support CVS


It allows you to write, compile and run a C / C++ program. 

Provides Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) capabilities. 

It allows using a C++ compiler to compile C programs. 

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