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Nowadays, having a home garden or indoor garden is a trending thing among people. It is the act of growing plants indoors. These home gardens can be created using different kinds of things such as wooden packing pallets, old furniture, hanging plants or DIY (Do It Yourself) shelving. And it can be customized to the needs of the space and the individual. 

This topic is very much trending, so people not only creating the home gardens but also making YouTube videos like home garden DIY, home garden design ideas, home garden décor, etc. People are crazy about creating home gardens and also putting videos of home garden designs.  

Growing plants in the house might be for decorative purposes, but it is very beneficial for indoor air quality. It involves growing of flowers, vegetables or herbs. To do home gardening, container gardening is one of the simplest forms of home gardening. A container is capable of holding soil, moisture, and plants. 

Home gardening also includes hydroponic gardening that uses no soil at all. Instead of using soil, it relies on growing plants in water and the use of additives to provide the nutrients that would come from soil if the plants were grown outdoors. 

Benefits of Home Gardens

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