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Can Smartphones Help To Detect Mental And Physical Stress?

Can Smartphones Help To Detect Mental And Physical Stress?

How does a person suffer from mental and physical stress?

Stress plays a normal part in every person’s life. Stress can be noticed in kids, while being occupied with lots of work, or managing a difficult relationship.

A little stress cannot be too harmful. In fact it can also benefit you in the process. After reading this you must be thinking right about now that, “Is this a joke? Are you out of mind?” Well no one intended or I do not mean to offend you but it’s true.

Stress has different effects on different people. Some people can handle impact of stress on mental health in a better way than most of the others. At times when a person or even you for that matter become so used to being stressed, we usually forget that we are stressed until we do not hit the end limit. Taking in a lot of mental stress at work can prove to be dangerous & can lead to physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. If I had to explain it scientifically, “Our bodies are equipped to handle less amounts of stress. It cannot prevent from chronic stress.”

What role does smartphone play and how can it detect stress?

Can smartphones detect stress-related changes in the behaviour of individuals? According to study, a user can detect stress related disorders from smartphones. The accelerometers present in latest smartphones can keep track of your activity just like a stress detector by acquiring signals connected with mechanical cardiac activity. This is obtained by every beat of heart vibrations generated by your body. It can be sensed if you place your phone on particular parts of the body.

Though smartphones are seen as a bad influence for people, if utilized properly smartphones can give you opportunities to respond more quickly and effectively against mobile stress. One can prevent themselves by identifying the risks and fighting against the problems before they develop it. All devices are built with dual uses and so is smartphone.  

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