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National Skill Development Corporation, or as many people know it NSDC, is a Non-profit public limited company incorporated on July 31, 2008, under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 by the Ministry of Finance as a Public Private Partnership model.

Role of Skill India Mission

The Skill India Initiative has partnered with, private education institutes that offer such courses to help students get better opportunities to learn. One such institute is Hrishi Computer Education which provides the core 5 NSDC skill courses and is the only one to do so in the Palghar District. The fees for the Spoken English course is covered by the Government and the Students can learn these Valable career skill for Free.

Work Description

Communication skills are very important for any career and one can be an effective worker in a business environment only through the effective exchange of information, ideas, feeling, and thoughts. Most of the corporate offices in today’s world use English as their primary language of written and spoken communication and having a good command of English is very important for career growth. Depending on the job, communication is about being an effective member of the team who can provide good suggestions, understands everyone, and can also communicate with the team being an overall asset for the company.

Career Growth

English is a great tool for boosting your employability, and this is a Fact. English has billions of speakers around the world and most of them are non native speakers proving the popularity of English across the globe. English for job interviews is also quite important as your first impression of your interviewers will decide how good of a position you might get and how much your pay might be. Without a good command of the English language, you might not be able to work with international clients and your employer might not let you work on projects that require good communication, this way, you are missing out on a lot of important projects that can hinder your career progress.




Universal Language

English is a universal language which means it is used almost everywhere across the world, hence it can help you communicate with anyone irrespective of their country of Origin

new job opportunities

Good English communicative skills is a basic necessity of any job. Good communication skills will help you crack 80% of your job interviews.

Enhances your personality

Speaking any language fluently will enhance your personality and boost your confidence. good communication skills and confidence can help you in distinguishing yourself in a competitive world.

Popular Business Language

English is the most common business language. Sending mails, invoices, and contracts are all written in English and one must know how to write and read them in a proper manner. 

Job Application & Interviews

In order to Write a compelling job application that will help you get your dream job you must first effectively convey, your skills, talents, and educational qualification, and how you can be an asset to their organization is really important.

Information Technology and Digitalisation

The IT industry demands you to be familiar with the basic Computer terminologies like hardware, software, internet, etc in order to function in this digital age. And just so it happens to be, you need to be proficient at reading and writing English to be good at IT.


Giving presentations is one of the biggest parts of a corporate office job or a business, With fluent English, good vocabulary, and confidence you can pitch your greatest ideas.

Job Salary

According to a survey, people who are fluent in English earn 13% more salary than the employees who are not in the same given job role. This is due to poor communication and a bad impression. As it is stated above, English is the most commonly used language in the corporate world, and being fluent in it increases your chances of employability in better companies.


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