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What is sales executive meaning and sales executive job description? Sales professionals that specialize in selling computer hardware and software, as well as IT services, are known as IT sales executives. In order to succeed in this field, you must have a thorough understanding of basic IT fundamentals. To close sales, IT sales professionals must be able to answer highly technical queries. IT sales executives work for organizations in the IT industry, as the job title suggests. This contains companies that offer computer hardware like monitors, routers, and other computer-related items. It also involves the sale of software tailored to a particular business, such as healthcare or finance. They normally work regular office hours and work from home, while they do spend some time in the field attending sales meetings.

IT sales executive is a white-collar entry-level employment. They usually operate under the supervision of a sales manager, but they are frequently out in the field on their own. Those that are self-motivated prosper in this position. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales jobs, which include IT sales executives, are expected to grow by 3% through 202

Skills Required

IT sales executives are in a sales position that necessitates a particular set of technical abilities in order to thrive. People in this role are enthusiastic about computers and, more crucially, about learning how they operate. To speak confidently about what they sell, they must have a thorough understanding of technology and software. IT salespeople are excellent communicators. They can describe the characteristics and benefits of IT products in layman’s terms and have the ability to complete sales through negotiation. IT sales executives, like any other salesperson, must be able to deal with rejection and work under pressure to fulfill objectives. To get hired as an IT sales executive, you’ll need the following talents in addition to these character traits:

Skills required

Roles and Responsibilities

Selling IT gear and software entails a variety of roles and obligations, including the following

IT Sales Executive

IT gear and software — the specific hardware or software is determined by the IT sales executives’ employers, but they must utilize it to sell it.

Client relationship management (CRM) software – IT salespeople use CRM software like Salesforce to keep track of potential clients and customer information.

Training and Education

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or a comparable discipline is typically required of IT sales professionals. They must also have IT knowledge, thus those with IT or computer science degrees are qualified for this job. Students learn things like sales and marketing principles, economics, and how to communicate during their studies. On-the-job training provides the majority of their sales and product expertise.


The starting compensation for a sales executive in a field job is roughly INR 196,332 per year, with 2-9 years of experience fetching you a salary package between INR 226,266 and INR 301,184 per year. Because this is a performance-based position, the sales executive compensation in India is heavily influenced by experience, skillset, and performance.

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