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Complete Career Guide: CASA Sales Manager

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CASA Sales Manager is one of the most demanding job profiles of the Sales and Marketing sector. With the Indian economy opening up, improving, and moving sensibly quickly there is massive potential for the good profession in Sales and Marketing in India.

Wish to make a career as a CASA Sales Manager?

Read the blog to know the requirements to get into it.

What Is CASA?

CASA represents the Current Account and Savings Account which is for the most part utilized in West Asia and Southeast Asia. CASA store is the measure of cash that gets kept in the current and investment accounts of bank clients. It is the least expensive and significant wellspring of assets for banks. The bank accounts segment pays more revenue contrasted with current records. 

Banks offer predominantly two sorts of records. These could be term stores like fixed or repeating stores or non-term stores – like current or investment accounts. A term store is legitimate for a proper timeframe and consequently, the bank pays revenue at a decent rate with the condition that you don’t contact the cash meanwhile. For instance, you put in Rs 10,000 in a proper store for a time of seven years and the bank pays you a premium at the pace of 12% per annum. 

Then again, current and bank accounts are utilized for day-by-day tasks and are substantial as long as the client needs them to be. They have lower financing costs than term stores relying upon the bank’s agreements. 

Since financing costs are lower than term stores, CASA is a less expensive wellspring of assets for banks. Therefore, monetary specialists likewise take a gander at CASA proportion to comprehend a bank’s monetary wellbeing, as the equivalent mirrors the bank’s ability to fund-raise with lower acquiring costs.

Job Profile

CASA Sales Manager is in control to oversee and guaranteeing consistency to all business rehearses in the branch. They likewise deal with the efficiency of the deal officials and meet the business target. Perceive deal openings and work on them. Make and inspect benefit and misfortune explanations for the bank office. Oversee information on all bank items and organizations and help to determine customers.

Job Responsibilities and Duties


1. Eligibility

2. Certifications Needed

Following are the most common certifications for sales managers;

The CSP program serves a careful comprehension of consultative selling. From business creation to further developed time and region the executives; objective setting to prospecting, and everything in the middle, participants get back to the domain with restored energy for selling.

The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is the high-level proficient certificate explicitly intended to quantify the bookkeeping and monetary administration abilities that drive business execution.

The SIOR assignment is an expert accomplishment for exceptionally qualified business land professionals with a solid value-based history in financier, charge-based administrations, or chief administration.

NIIT IFBI as a team with ICICI Bank Sales Academy has planned an ability-based preparing system to make Day 1 industry-prepared deals experts. 

The program is conveyed utilizing NIIT's advanced stage, where master employees connect with members in an assortment of experiential exercises. Members communicate with the workforce and different members, perform video-based pretends and present their tasks according to the educational program plan.

3. Skills Needed

IT Skills

It skills and operating methods of computers and other electronic devices. Utilizations of computers and have a working knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word, and so on.

Non-IT Skills

Sales managers should have the option to investigate and audit deals information and settle on significant choices dependent on them to layout deals objectives. A significant aspect of their responsibilities is leading inside and out examination of the market and clients to distinguish possibilities and organizations. This requires solid insightful abilities and a capacity to make significant and useful inferences to the advantage of the association.

Planning is a fundamental advance in guaranteeing the development of an outreach group and at last the versatility of a business. When project supervisors have collected the important information and bits of knowledge to detail an arrangement, they should plan the game-plan that would prompt the acknowledgment of the said deals plan. This includes authorizing, following, and refreshing from the start till the finish to warrant the fruitful execution of the arrangement.

As a sales manager, it isn't important how acceptable your business record is in the event that you can't decidedly impact your individuals' business execution. It is basic for team leads to having viable correspondence and relational abilities. 

A project supervisor is as much put resources into the everyday procedures of an office as he is at following the higher perspective advancement of the association's objectives.

The characteristic of a fruitful project supervisor is how viably he uses the outreach group's capability to accomplish authoritative objectives. To have the option to do this, a project supervisor should realize when and how to designate liabilities to upgrade the efficiency of the organization.

To be a sales manager intends to lead consistently. It shows making a sound environment for everybody in question to advance and flourish. A good leader is expected to remain quiet under unpleasant circumstances and assist with joining individuals to adapt to the pressing factors of the monotonous routine.

Job Environment and Job Schedule

CASA Sales managers have a ton of obligations, and the position can be unpleasant. Numerous project leads travel to public, territorial, and neighborhood workplaces and to vendors’ and wholesalers’ workplaces. Most project supervisors work all day, and they regularly need to work extra hours on nights and end of the week.

Salary Package

The average salary of a Casa Sales Manager in India is ₹ 3 Lakhs for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 9 years. Casa Sales Officer salary at Bank ranges between ₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 3.1 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 179 salaries received from various employees of the Bank.


1. What are the primary responsibilities of a CASA Sales Manager?

A CASA Sales Manager is responsible for acquiring new customers, managing relationships with existing clients, and ensuring the growth of Current Account and Savings Account (CASA) portfolios.

2. How does a CASA Sales Manager contribute to customer acquisition?

A CASA Sales Manager employs various marketing and sales strategies to attract new customers, including outreach programs, promotional campaigns, and direct marketing efforts.

3. What skills are essential for a CASA Sales Manager?

Key skills for a CASA Sales Manager include strong communication, sales acumen, customer relationship management, strategic planning, and knowledge of banking products and services.

4. What role does a CASA Sales Manager play in customer relationship management?

A CASA Sales Manager nurtures and maintains relationships with clients by providing excellent service, understanding their financial needs, and offering suitable banking solutions.

5. What qualifications are typically required for a CASA Sales Manager position?

Typically, a CASA Sales Manager should have a degree in finance, marketing, or a related field, along with experience in sales and customer service within the banking or financial services industry.

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