BFSI Sector: Business Correspond and Business Facilitator Job Profile

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Business Correspondent & Business Facilitator


The financial Inclusion Programme was launched by the Government of India as more than 40% of the nation’s population did not have any availability to Banking services. There was developing concern relevant to the link between financial exclusion and poverty. Financial inclusion is the delivery of banking services at an affordable charge (‘no frills’ accounts,) to the vast area of disadvantaged and low-income people. Business Correspond and Business Facilitator roles play a critical part in this initiative.


Want to make a career in this sector?

In this blog, you will know the most demanding job profile Business Correspond & Business Facilitator in the Financial Inclusion. Let’s dive into the deep information about the job profiles of Business Correspond and Business Facilitator.

What is Business Correspond & Business Facilitator?

In Jan 2006, the Reserve Bank of India issued a new arrangement of rules permitting banks to utilize two classes of mediators – Business Correspondents (BC) and Business Facilitators (BF) to extend their outreach. 

What is BC & BF in Banking?

Let’s understand what is the Difference Between Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator:

Business Correspondents (BC) are permitted to carry out regular transactions for customers on behalf of the bank. Business Facilitator (BF) are only responsible for spreading awareness regarding banking and bank’s products, helping the bank in business generation activities, and recovery of bad debts. 

The Business Facilitator and Business Correspondent Model will offer a compelling way, for the banks, to arrive at the un-arrived populace everywhere, clients and intermediaries the same. In this model, banks don’t need to put resources into the exorbitant framework of a branch to arrive at the un-banked zones while and simultaneously individuals who remained excluded so far will be guaranteed simple admittance to monetary items and services.

What Are the Responsibilities of Business Correspond & Business Facilitator?

Role of Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator includes :

Who can opt for this job profile? To get into this individuals must have some kind of skills and qualifications. Let’s have a look at:

What Are the Requirements to Become Successful Business Correspond & Business Facilitator?


Certifications Needed

Let’s see what is common certifications for Business Correspondents and Business Facilitators;

BCBF – Business Correspondents and Business Facilitators

The certification course encompasses representatives appointed by the banks to supply banking services and perform as an agent in the respective regions where the bank will not have an existence so as to push money inclusion. 

The significant difference in the role of the Business Correspondents and Business Facilitators is that BCs are allowed to carry out daily transactions for customers on behalf of the bank. BF is solely liable for spreading awareness connected with banking and the bank’s product, assisting the bank in business generation activities and recovery of bad debts.

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Skills Needed

To become successful Business Correspondents and Business Facilitators, the following are some significant skills individuals ought to have:

IT Skills 

  • The user/individual on the job needs to know and understand how to maintenance and operating procedures for using equipment provided by banks like Point of Sale machines, computers, and so on.
  • Methods for digitally updating customer details, if needed.
  • Candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications 

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Non-IT Skills

Need to plan reports and outline of the records for the survey. Plan and writes about the status of leads and imminent clients

Peruse and comprehend hierarchical and administrative rules. Peruse and confirm the authenticity of records put together by imminent clients. Peruse and clarify agreements of different bank items to planned clients

The person hands-on has to know and see how to keep up with honesty as for clients' time, touchy reports. Act impartially and to the greatest advantage of clients

The individual figures numbers rapidly and precisely. Perform fundamental numerical tasks like expansion, deduction, duplication, and division

You need to pay attention to the clients and have the option to offer items that are appropriate to their prerequisites. Discuss obviously with the client utilizing language that he/she gets it. Impart and offer information with companions and bosses.

The individual has to know and see how to figure out what Banking Product is best for the client dependent on the needs evaluation and monetary status of the client. Clarify, coherent choices and depict certainty to the clients.

The person hands-on has to know and see how to design meetings with imminent clients; be ready with suitable plans before the gathering. Arrange work and time to boost efficiency.

You have to know and see how to settle on choices considering clients' wellbeing. Zero in on growing long-haul client connections. Follow-up and offer help benefits reliably

The individual must address issues emerging either because of a specialized issue, client complaint, or organization-related issues and heighten those issues past one's job.

Need to see how to survey client's monetary status and comprehend their monetary limit with regards to the suitable item. Draw bits of knowledge from planned client connection and refine promoting strategies

The client hands-on requirements to see how to act naturally determined, take drives and convey results set by the association and separate bosses

The person hands-on has to realize how to reliably acquire criticism and work on their presentation. Exercise judgment in unexpected circumstances which protect organization esteems and are in accordance with authoritative rules

We hope you got to know everything about the job. You must be eager to know what could be the salary package for the job. Let’s see how much you can expect in this job profile:

What Salary Package You Can Expect in the Job Profile?

20% more than the average Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator’s salary in India ranges from RS.4 – 8 Lakhs Per Annum for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 15 years. It also differs from company to company and their policies. Majorly it depends on the skills you have. 

Now you know what kinds of responsibilities, eligibility, certifications, and skills you need to become a successful Business Correspond & Business Facilitator. Start building your career in the BFSI Sector.


Q1: What is a Business Correspondent?

A1: A Business Correspondent is an authorized representative who provides banking services in remote areas.

Q2: What does a Business Facilitator do?

A2: A Business Facilitator assists customers in accessing banking services and products.

Q3: How do Business Correspondents contribute to financial inclusion?

A3: They provide essential banking services to underserved and rural populations.

Q4: What qualifications are needed to become a Business Facilitator?

A4: Typically, a high school diploma and basic knowledge of banking services are required.

Q5: Why is the role of Business Correspondent important?

A5: It helps bridge the gap between the bank and the rural population, promoting financial inclusion.

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