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The Complete Guide on How to become Statutory Compliance

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Statutory Compliance


How to become Statutory Compliance” is a question often asked by those interested in the role of an Account Executive (Statutory Compliance). This individual, designated by any organization, is responsible for maintaining records to make legal payments to the Government on time. They are authorized to perform functions relating to the payment of Govt. dues and filing of specific returns by the appropriate due dates.


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Statutory Compliance Meaning: India has an intricate snare of laws relevant across different areas. Legal signifies ‘laws and guidelines’ and consistency signifies ‘stick to’. There are a few standards and guidelines in the country, for example, Income Tax, Service Tax, Companies Act 2013, Partnership Act, and Value Added Tax (VAT) among numerous others. It is smarter to have an expansive comprehension of different significant guidelines in the country.

Job Role

The individual is needed to have a superb comprehension of bookkeeping measures with extraordinary accentuation on the computation of administration charge, TDS, Vat, and so forth, as material to the organization that should be transmitted electronically to the Government accounts on schedule. As well as having critical thinking abilities, the individual should be self driven and coordinated with his work, and act with respectability when playing out various errands for the association.

Responsibilities and Duties



Certifications Needed

NOS - BSC/N1103 The booking, compiling, and filling Value Added Tax (VAT) the entire fall under this NOS. The individual should be very much educated pretty much every one of the parts of VAT and the right conventions for keeping up with legitimate records for every exchange.

NOS - BSC/N1102 This NOS manages the huge universe of personal expense laws. The worried individual should be an expert at gathering every one of the important reports and setting up the required challan for presenting the aggregate Tax Deducted at Source (TDS).

NOS - BSC/N1101 Under the work job of an Accounts Executive in the Statutory Compliance Department, the individual should be knowledgeable and exceptionally educated about the Service Tax Laws of India. The assignments of filling responsible help charge with every one of the fundamental endorsements and keeping an appropriate record as per the records should be finished by this individual.

Comprehend the test example and trouble level of the inquiries that may be posted in the NSDC Skill Test for Accounts Executive (Statutory Compliance). These inquiries will fill in as the starter characteristic of your planning level and will likewise fill in as future reference on how well you need to get ready to get a seat in the esteemed preparing program by the BFSI Skill Council Of India

Skills Needed

Account Executives need an expansive scope of abilities to tackle their responsibilities effectively. How about we see what those skills are

IT Skills

  • To become or apply for the account executive job, you should have information on programs including programming like PowerPoint, MS Office, Excel, and CRM. 
  • Utilization of software packages and tools specific to the field of expertise.
  • Store and retrieve information.

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Non-IT Skills

Need to plan reports and outline of the records for the survey. Plan and writes about the status of leads and imminent clients 

Peruse and comprehend hierarchical and administrative rules. Peruse and confirm the authenticity of records put together by imminent clients. Peruse and clarify agreements of different bank items to planned clients 

The person hands-on has to know and see how to keep up with honesty as for clients' time, touchy reports. Act impartially and to the greatest advantage of clients 

The individual figures numbers rapidly and precisely. Perform fundamental numerical tasks like expansion, deduction, duplication, and division

Pay attention to the clients and have the option to offer items that are appropriate to their prerequisites. Discuss obviously with the client utilizing language that he/she gets it. Impart and offer information with companions and bosses.

The individual has to know and see how to figure out what Banking Product is best for the client dependent on the needs evaluation and monetary status of the client. Clarify, coherent choices and depict certainty to the clients.

The person hands-on has to know and see how to design meetings with imminent clients; be ready with suitable plans before the gathering. Arrange work and time to boost efficiency. 

You have to know and see how to settle on choices considering clients' wellbeing. Zero in on growing long-haul client connections. Follow-up and offer help benefits reliably

Address issues emerging either because of a specialized issue, client complaint, or organization-related issues and heighten those issues past one's job.

Need to see how to survey client's monetary status and comprehend their monetary limit with regards to the suitable item. Draw bits of knowledge from planned client connection and refine promoting strategies 

The client hands-on requirements to see how to act naturally determined, take drives and convey results set by the association and separate bosses

The person hands-on has to realize how to reliably acquire criticism and work on their presentation. Exercise judgment in unexpected circumstances which protect organization esteems and are in accordance with authoritative rules

We hope you got to know everything about the job. You must be eager to know what could be the salary package for the job. Let’s see how much you can expect in this job profile:


An Individual can expect the highest salary for Statutory Compliance in India is an average of Rs.2,00,000 to Rs.3,00,000 per year. It also depends on your skills and mostly on the work experience you have in the industry.


Q1: What is Statutory Compliance?

A1: Statutory Compliance refers to the legal obligations that organizations must adhere to in their business operations.

Q2: How can I become Statutory Compliance?

A2: To become Statutory Compliance, one typically needs a degree in law or finance, along with experience in regulatory compliance or legal affairs.

Q3: What skills are needed to become Statutory Compliance?

A3: Skills needed include a strong understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills.

Q4: What is the role of a Statutory Compliance Executive?

A4: A Statutory Compliance Executive is responsible for ensuring that an organization adheres to all legal and regulatory requirements in its operations.

Q5: Why is statutory compliance important?

A5: Statutory compliance is important as it helps organizations avoid legal penalties, maintain their reputation, and ensure smooth business operations.

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