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With balancing, improvement, and subsumption of various taxes under a solitary tax structure, GST has diminished the expense of the creation of assembling merchandise. This has likewise decreased the weight of indirect taxes on manufactures just as purchasers. Therefore there is a huge demand for GST professionals. 

Want to make a career in the GST profession?

Then start your career as a GST Account Assistant. 

Let’s know more about the job profile.

Job Description

A GST Account Assistant is in charge of managing records of accounts to create and prepare periodic reports around GST in a timely manner. An individual is authorized to perform functions regarding filling returns by the applicable due dates. The job role incorporates a compilation of tax liabilities related to GST, filing of returns, and handling records of the similar for audit purposes.

Responsibilities and Duties

To be competent, the individual on the Goods & Services Tax (GST) Accounts Assistant job must be able to:



Certifications Needed

The Institute is welcoming its intrigued understudies for taking up this Training Program being coordinated all over the country through the NSDC. This program is pointed toward preparing possibility for the work of a "Merchandise and Services Tax (GST) Accounts Assistant", in the "BFSI" Sector/Industry and targets fabricating the accompanying key capabilities among the student.

NIFM, perceived as outstanding amongst other GST and Financial bookkeeping preparing establishments in India, helps experts and understudies to get affirmed as GST Professionals. This GST course will empower the students with a complete comprehension of the critical spaces of effect in businesses. Get a total understanding of GST and its impact on business by GST Experts and become a Certified Professional in GST, Indirect Taxation, and GST with Tally ERP 9. NIFM Certified GST Professional course with Tally ERP 9 covers every one of the viable parts of Good and Service Tax (GST). It also includes enlistment, GST returns, GST E-filling, and top to bottom bookkeeping and recording of GST exchanges. 

To get a successful career in any profession, opt for courses with a government certificate from

Skills Needed

IT Skills

The individual on the Goods & Services Tax (GST) Accounts Assistant job needs to know and understand:

  • Accounting concepts and methods for recording transactions
  • Accounting processes and methods to record the details of the invoice
  • It skills and operating methods of computers and other electronic devices. Utilizations of computers and have a working knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word, and so on.

Now you can opt for Free Basic Skill Computer Courses as well as Accounting and GST courses needed for your Job Profile at

Non-IT Skills

Writing skills includes incorporating keeping up with accounts of work doled out according to the organization's approach. Update data. Send and answer to sends. Get ready MIS reports according to the organization's bookkeeping strategy

The person as a Goods and Services Tax (GST) Accounts Assistant on work has to know and see how to find out about different accounting strategies and updates. Understand sends and data identified with different sorts of archives. Understand structures and strategy orders.

The individual has to know and see how to; Communicate and impart information to companions and managers. Educate about any work process concerns. Look for required data from workers, the board, providers. Controller, and so on Handle inspector's inquiries.

As a Goods and Services Tax (GST) Accounts Assistant individual needs to recognize what section/sum is available and what isn't. Decide burdens according to refreshed standards.

The person hands-on has to know and comprehend: Prioritize and execute errands to such an extent that the work process isn't disturbed. Put together work and time to amplify in general usefulness.

The person hands-on has to know and see how to: Resolve tax-related issues and concerns. Keep away from work process concerns. Raise issues out of hand.

The GST Account Assistance hands-on has to realize how to dissect charge standards and bookkeeping data. Plan helpful reports for the executives and controller according to the organization's strategy.

Critical thinking skills are fundamental to further develop work so that there are zero mistakes. Stay away from any punishments to firm due to poor or insufficient revealing.

The person at work needs to know how to: Ensure that duty deducted is right. Illuminate about any blunders or discounts to be looked for and extra expenses to be paid.

Job Environment

An individual is usually expected to be work in typical daytime office hours i.e. spend around 8-9 hours of work every day of the week. The individual may work as part of a team within a business environment. They can be full or part-time or contract base as permanent or temporary, based on the particular job you go for. Sometimes their job incorporates traveling relevant to work.


The average GST Account Assistant salary in India is Rs.1.7 Lakhs for less than 1 to 2 years of experience. GST Account Assistant salary ranges between Rs.1.1 Lakhs to Rs.2.2 Lakhs per lakh. It also differs from company to company and the skills you have.

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