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Aerospace Design Quality Assurance Engineer

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Aerospace Design Quality Assurance Engineer


An Aerospace Design Quality Assurance Engineer is a professional who requires a bachelor’s degree in quality, industrial, or mechanical engineering. Certification from the American Society for Quality is preferable. This role requires 2+ years of experience in quality engineering, quality assurance, or a similar function. The expertise of an Aerospace Design Quality Assurance Engineer is crucial in the industry

Skills Required

Job Description




For freshers 

INR 17,000 to INR 32,000 per month 

For experienced candidates 

INR 83,000 to INR 91,000 per month 

Top Recruiting Sectors


Q1: What is the role of a Technical Services Engineer in the Airlines Base Maintenance Industry?

A1: A Technical Services Engineer is crucial in maintaining aircraft and components, ensuring flight safety, and helping the airline meet operational and financial targets.

Q2: Why is base maintenance important in the airline industry?

A2: Base maintenance is important as it ensures the safety and efficiency of flight operations.

Q3: What are the challenges faced in base maintenance?

A3: Challenges include meeting strict regulations, managing high operational costs, and coordinating a large team of technicians and engineers.

Q4: How can these challenges be overcome?

A4: Challenges can be overcome by improving operational efficiency, investing in specialist equipment, and training staff like Technical Services Engineers.

Q5: What roles are involved in base maintenance?

A5: Base maintenance involves various roles, including technicians, engineers, and specifically, the Technical Services Engineer.

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