Artist Relations Manager Career Guide

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The Artist relations manager, commonly known in the professional world, as ARM is the person responsible for developing and maintaining relationships between the company and the artist. They work as a medium of communication between their company and artists, who are usually under contract with the company of the Artist Relations Manager.
Do You Want to be an Artist Relations Manager job? To build a career as an Artist Relations Manager job you need to first understand the Job profile and responsibilities of the job.
This blog gives you a detailed idea of what it is like to become an Artist Relations Manager job in India.

Skills Ability

Artist managers must have excellent Marketing skills to create effective marketing campaigns for their artists. These skills will help in creating advertisements, planning events, and developing strategies to promote the artists’ work.

As an artist manager You may use networking to find new artists to work with, find venues for artists to perform at, or find other people who can help you with your job. Which needs good Networking skills. 

Business development skills can help you grow your career as a music artist manager, This skill can help you understand how to grow your company’s revenue and profit.

Time management skills allow an artist manager to plan their work schedule effectively including scheduling studio time, recording sessions, and live performances.

Job Description

The Job of Artist relations managers is to manage the relationships between artists and their fans, patrons, sponsors, etc, and work with a variety of different types of artists such as musicians, painters, sculptors, writers, etc. their work is to help them build their careers and connect with people who appreciate their work. Other duties of an Artist Relations Manager are promoting the work of these artists to new audiences or helping them secure opportunities that will advance their careers.

Key Result Area

  • Negotiating Contracts:
  • An Artist Manager must be able to Negotiate contracts on behalf of their clients for maximum earrings.
  • PR:
  • Good PR means better public image and more potential to earn.
  • Artist Development:
  • Managers help to nurture an artist creatively, managers often have contacts in the industry with other artists who can collaborate with their clients and help them grow as artists

Key Performance Indicator

  • Promotion:
  • The Artist managers are required to promote the artists they are working with and more promotion is always better.
  • Budgeting:
  • Good managers build teams around an artist to help them manage their finances and keep tours and production under budget.
  • Network:
  • Good Networking skills will always help to create a broad network. And a Good network is all you need for this Industry.

The artist relations manager is usually found working in an Artist relations management agency in an office setting, however, it is fairly common for an Artist Relations manager to travel for meetings, conferences, and events. Their regular business hours are a 40 to 45-hour work week and some overtime may be necessary to meet deadlines or attend evening and weekend events. It is a stressful job but also very rewarding, as the manager gets to work with creative people and help them achieve success.

How much is the artist relation manager salary in India?

The average artist relations salary in India is 4.3 Lakhs per year. The Amount may vary through different factors like cities, experience workflow, and workload.


The work of an Artist Relations Manager is a very demanding job and can be very stressful at times due to deadlines and targets to reach, but on the other hand, it is also a very rewarding career choice as the average Pay is relatively high and they get to work with creative professionals in the Artistic Industries such as Movies, Music, Art, etc. With experience, they may move up to better agencies where they might get to work with High profile and A-list starts in their respective industry.


Q1. What does an Artist Relations Manager do?

A1. An Artist Relations Manager cultivates relationships between artists and organizations. They handle contract negotiations, event planning, promotions, and ensure artists' needs are met for successful collaborations.

Q2. What skills are essential for an Artist Relations Manager?

A2. Essential skills for an Artist Relations Manager include strong communication, negotiation abilities, understanding of the arts industry, event management, marketing strategies, and relationship-building skills.

Q3. What is the job description of an Artist Relations Manager?

A3. The job of an Artist Relations Manager involves coordinating with artists, organizing exhibitions and events, managing contracts, overseeing promotional activities, collaborating with marketing teams, and maintaining artist-client relationships.

Q4. What are the requirements to become an Artist Relations Manager?

A4. To become an Artist Relations Manager, a background in arts management, public relations, or related fields is beneficial. Strong networking skills, experience in event planning, and knowledge of the art market are often required.

Q5. What is the salary range for Artist Relations Managers in India?

A5. The salary for Artist Relations Managers in India varies based on experience, location, and organization size. On average, they earn between ₹400,000 to ₹800,000 per year, with opportunities for higher earnings in established art institutions.

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