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There is a technical side to animation lighting in the digital media. Depending on the type of studio or firm, it is done by a Lighting Artist and sometimes a Lighting Technical Director (TDs). Lighting Artist works to light images in animation in such a way that the rendering artists find it easy to render using computer softwares.Lighting artists create color keys that work as guides to indicate the range of color hues in the scene. With the help of shader settings they create effects like reflection and surfaces to appear wet or watery.

Interested in building a career as a Lighting artist?

If you want to be a lighting artist then you must know the career’s daily responsibility and profile.

This blog gives you an idea of what working as a Lighting Artist is like.

Job Description

Lighting artists work to Light the scenes and graphics in an animation. Similar to Director of photography and gaffar in a live action production who decide on what lights to use and where to place them, there are lighting artists in a computer generated (CG) animation movie. The difference in an animation from a live action is that the lighting artist creates lights though computer software and the artist has complete control over the effects that are supposed to be created.

Job Responsibilities and Duties


To work as a 3D Lighting Artist you must have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in 3D computer Graphics or any equivalent course. 

Along with a degree or a diploma you must also have a working experience of 6 months to 1 years in an animated film or TV series production or visual effects.


If you are a fresher who is looking to make a career as a lighting artist, then here are some of the best 3D lighting artist online certifications from Academy of Animated Art that you will definitely need to look out for to take your knowledge and expertise to a higher level.

Now, let’s view some of those certifications which you can opt for

1. The Power of Light

This course provides the secrets to perfect CG lighting; all the tools and lessons you need to build and develop your lighting skills.

2. Compositing for the Lighting Artist

This 3D lighting artist course is created for light artists who’d learn how to control color corrections, depth of field, render passes, and other design principles that’ll make a dual-threat out of them.

3. Materials and Shaders for the Lighting Artist

This course will elevate your lighting to the next level by helping you create proper texture maps to control specularity, reflectivity, bump mapping, and stunning visuals through analyzing reference images along with applying what you learned to shade your own character from scratch.

4. Character Lighting For Animated Films

This online course covers all the important concepts of character lighting including shaping, hero color, Rembrandt lighting, how to get a character to read off a background, light a villain as well as creating stunning visuals.

5. Lighting an Animated Film

This course will help you learn how to produce color keys, create your own master rig, light all your shots and make a dynamic and cohesive final sequence.

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Skills Required

If you wish to be a Lighting artist then you require to have some soft skills, abilities and personality traits, along with your formal education. Here is a list of accompanying skills that you would require to prevail in an organization.

1.IT Skills

The lighting artist must have working knowledge of computer softwares and programmes like LINUX/ UNIX, maya, nuke, etc. 

along with it they should also have a keen knowledge of other relevant programs

2. Creative Skills

Lighting artists must understand color theory, design theory, perspective and have a strong sense of light and shadow. 

They must also know Lighting Art, have a strong knowledge about lighting techniques and materials and the specific principles behind lighting

3. Problem Solving

A lighting artist must know how to find new ways to achieve a creative vision by overcoming obstacles, using computer technology.

4.Time Management

The lighting artists work under a lot of pressure and on multiple projects simultaneously, they should know how to finish work within a given time frame and deliver it on schedule.

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Work Environment

Most Lighting artists work in animation studios, advertising agencies, graphic design companies, web design companies or they may work as freelancers.

Lighting Artist job requires you to extend your schedule and work overtime or on weekends and holidays if there are deadlines approaching.

Salary Package

3D Lighting Artist Jobs Pays a Salary of about 2.5 Lakhs INR based on an estimated average of over 100 jobs. The salary scale may differ as per the Firm, location, experience and the skills and abilities of the artist.

Apart from salary some artists may also get bonuses and incentives.


The individuals who have a talent for digital art and computer graphics can become a good lighting artist. To be a lighting artist you must know about lighting effects and computer graphics along with the soft skills mentioned above. If you can pound through the early term of a lighting artist doing internships and freelancing, you can make a lot of money in later years.

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