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India’s advertising industry grows about 30% on average every year. The advertising industry is rapidly growing and evolving and a lot of this credit can go to ad trafficking.

Wish to build a career as a Traffic Coordinator?

If you wish to make your career as a Traffic Coordinator, you must know its daily responsibilities and profile.

This Blog will help you understand what a Career as a Traffic Coordinator is like.

Job Description

As a Traffic Coordinator, you can work in either advertising or Marketing. They ensure that materials or resources flow through the company in a timely manner. Traffic coordinators create work schedules and develop viable solutions for any workflow delays that may affect deadlines. The traffic coordinator provides technical support in tracking and executing, optimizing, and monitoring the agency’s online campaigns to maximize ROI for the company or the company’s clients.

Job Roles & Responsibilities


To be a Media Traffic Coordinator you must have


PMI-SP – PMI Scheduling Professional

PMI-SP certification assists you to know must more to project scheduling than just the use of tools and technology to build a schedule for your team.

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Skills Required

IT Skills

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Non-IT Skills

Organization skills

The media traffic controller must know how to keep organized, accurate records as you’re likely to be dealing with a big number of customers/ clients.

In an advertising organization, you may have to keep records of various clients and their data.

Communication and interpersonal skills

It is a job requirement for a media traffic controller to be able to communicate and convey key information about the schedules, deadlines, and daily tasks to the project team in a simple and jargon-free way.

You must be clear and well informed in your daily communications. The duties also include working with business teams to collaborate on marketing plans and strategies that stretch across all media outlets.


As a traffic coordinator, you can have multiple tasks and responsibilities in the day and some may overlap each other hence you must know how to juggle those duties by multi-tasking.

Information tracking

During a multi-faceted marketing campaign, the departments in an organization constantly relay information back and forth that is related to many minute details.

The media traffic coordinator should be an expert at tracking and disseminating information related to such developments. It is the task of the Advertising Traffic Coordinator to keep the projects organized and flowing.

Detail Oriented:

In an occupation that involves deadlines, information about upcoming projects, etc. the traffic coordinator must be detail-oriented.

Work Environment

The Marketing Traffic Coordinator mostly works within an Advertising agency.

The Traffic Manager is supposed to meet the heads of the departments to know about the details of the projects that are currently active and the new ones that are coming to the agency.

And then create schedules for new works and assign them to corresponding teams.

Review the current status of the task with respect to their deadlines and reschedule projects based on priority.

Salary Package

The average salary of a Media Traffic Coordinator in India is around INR 5,00,000 to INR 7,00,000. The salary scale differs as per the company, location, experience, and skills.


The role of an ad traffic manager is of great importance in an advertising agency. If you become a traffic manager then you shall be looked upon as a valuable asset to the company. However you will not be offered a job as a traffic manager as a fresher, you would need to start at the bottom and work your way up.

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