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The Animator uses computer softwares and other techniques to create an extensive series of images that makes the animation scenes in animated movies, TV, video games and commercials. They typically specialize in any one of these fields and further they may focus in one particular area such as Character designing, scenery, background designing etc.

Animators work to establish the goals of the project, create storyboard, design, refine and perfect animation. They do this by collaborating with other team members and taking input from clients.

Interested in building a career as an Animator?

If you wish to have a career as an animator then you must know its daily job profile and responsibilities.

This blog gives you an idea of what working as an Animator is like.

Job Description

The animator needs to be Disciplined and artistic who has a firm knowledge of animation techniques, fundamentals and softwares required for animation. The animator needs to speak with the clients, to understand the need of the project and create storyboards for references and assist in the animation process. They need to be adaptive, creative and collaborative.

The most primary job role of an Animation maker is to create films for production companies, large animation studios and video gaming companies.

Job Responsibility and Duties


To have an Animation career you need to have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in computer animation, fine arts, graphic design or any related fields. If you have higher education in the field or a prior experience in the industry then you may be more preferred in the industry.

Along with education and experience you should have a Show reel of your best animated work which is basically a type of Portfolio.


If you are a fresher who is looking to make a career as a animator, then here are some of the best online certifications that you will definitely need to look out for to take your knowledge and expertise to a higher level.

Now, let’s view some of those certifications which you can opt for:

1.Character Setup and Animation (Coursera)

This course taught by Joy Horvath will help you learn how to work on a sci-fi themed 3D adventure game, import assets, and make effects to offer a more stylish and cartoony feel.

2. 12 Principles of Animation with Justin Harrison (Udemy)

This course designed by Justin Harrison will explain to you the basics of animation and the principles to give life to your character animations, and how to apply to everyday objects and characters.

3.How to Create Lifelike Movement (Skillshare)

This course created by Emanuele Colombo (animator and motion designer) will guide you to finesse your skills, create incredible, lifelike characters and how to build an entire scene with a story in mind and be able to design a landscape, movement, a sense of realism, and intrigue.

4.Learn 3D Animation – The Ultimate Blender Guide (Udemy)

This course taught by Alex Cordebard (3D artist and instructor) will teach you skills that involve exploring Blender techniques and basics, making 3D models, and creating a complete 3D animation project.

5.Complete Animation Course by Aaron Blaise

This course is aimed at beginners and takes them on a journey through the key principles of animation.

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Skills Required

If you wish to be a Key Colors artist then you require to have some soft skills, abilities and personality traits, along with your formal education. Here is a list of accompanying skills that you would require to prevail in an organization.

IT Skills

The Animator works using computer softwares and programmes hence he or she must know some of the standard computer softwares for animation like autodesk maya, adobe animate, cinema 4D, Blender, etc

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

The animator needs to function as part of a team, the animator must be able to take direction, communicate with other artists, as well as handle clients. 

The animator needs to be a team player and have a positive attitude.

Time Management Skills

The animator must be able to prioritize projects, multitask and meet tight deadlines. 

Most animators need to finish work within a week and submit their projects and videos within the scheduled date.

Creative Skills

The Animator Job is all about creativity. 

The animator needs to generate ideas and bring them to life and must be able to illustrate and create storyboards.

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Work Environment

Typically Animators work in Web design companies, Computer games studios, film studios and marketing Companies, etc. Other than that Freelance Animators work independently of any companies. Most animators prefer to be self employed because of flexible timing, preferable pay and no worries about committing to a single employer.

The schedule is not very constant as this is a deadline and schedule driven sector the animators may need to work overtime and work on holidays to fulfil the deadlines.

Salary Package

An Average salary for an Animation artist can range between 30,000 INR to 60,000 INR. The Scale for Animation artist salary may differ as per the company, location, experience and skills of the animator. Freelance animators get paid as per the project and the duration and skills required.


Animation is a sector for people who have good talents in drawing, designing and illustration and have good computer graphics skills as well. Animators are part of the entertainment industry hence the animator must also be able to understand the story. If you grind in the first few years you can have a good potential in your career.


Q1: What does an Animator do?

A1: Animators create visual sequences using software and techniques for movies, TV, games, and commercials.

Q2: What areas can Animators specialize in?

A2: Animators can specialize in character design, scenery, or background art.

Q3: What tasks do Animators perform?

A3: They establish project goals, create storyboards, and refine animations.

Q4: How do Animators collaborate?

A4: They work closely with team members and consider client input.

Q5: Is this blog helpful for aspiring Animators?

A5: Absolutely! It provides insights into the Animator’s daily work profile.

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