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The Gaming industry is considered as one of the most exciting industries there is in the tech industry because of its importance to culture, entertainment and technological advancement. Computer gaming, consoles and mobile gaming industries are using the latest technologies available to bring their games to the screen of people all over the globe. There are more than 2 billion people all over the world playing video games right now. 

The Gaming industry is one of the innovating and up-rising industries in technology today. The Gaming and animation industry has a great deal of significance to culture, social networking and animation in today’s world. The term entertainment industry is no longer reserved to television and Movie industry because gaming industry is now providing one of the most awe inspiring and immersive forms of entertainment to more than 2 billion people all over the world. The gaming industry goes hand in hand with the animation industry.
The animation industry and gaming industry co-exist with each other. The animation industry has evolved a lot since computer graphics first came into existence. Now it is one of the most popular and growing industries in the world. As an emerging industry, animation has brought out a special interest in people that might want to create animation related content.
Traditionally, animation was used in the film industry where images were drawn and painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film. Now, almost every animation is done by computer generated imagery. The animation industry is an ever growing industry with more than 270 Billion USD in global net worth.

Animation and Gaming

Animation is the effect that is achieved after sequential images that minimally differ from each other are played out in a rapid succession. While gaming refers to playing electronic games that are played over computers, mobile phones, consoles or any other similar medium.

The Gaming industry highly depends on the animation industry for their graphics. Games are interactive forms of entertainment. When you play a game, you usually have all the control over the characters and the camera and move the story forward by making the characters move, hence it is important for the game developers to create animations that not only look good but look life-like and photo realistic from every possible angle. For instance if the game is in third person perspective then the player might rotate the camera angle this should allow the player to walk or run or move from a completely new angle. The animation industry has advanced and so has the gaming industry. So the games are not just limited to 2D pixel bits but full fledged stories and animations.

Gaming Companies

The video game industry is an ever growing and expanding industry, the gaming sector as a whole is now worth over 130 billion U.S dollars. Here is a list of top 10 biggest gaming companies of 2021 from all over the world

1. Sony:

Sony remains as one of the biggest names in the video game industry in the world in 2021. Sony was founded in 1946 and is based in Tokyo, japan. The japanese tech giant made a total of 25 billion U.S dollars in gaming sales last year with playstation 5, the next gen gaming console

2. Tencent:

Tencent is chinese video game and console making company founded in 1998 that earned a revenue of 13.9 billion U.S dollars. Tencent usually focuses on mobile and smartphone games like its flagship game honor on kings. Tencent also owns the american video game studio Riot games that famously created League of Legends.

3. Nintendo:

Also a Japanese company that is based in Kyoto, japan. Nintendo is a global gaming market and had a very successful last year. Nintendo managed to grab a revenue of 12 Billion with its most successful game in 2020 being Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

4. Microsoft:

Microsoft is the world’s largest software company but it is also the 4th largest gaming company. It is a US based industry most known for its console called X box. Even during this global pandemic, Microsoft made around 11.6 million US dollars in video game sales and console sales.

5. Activision Blizzard:

Based in santa monica, california, Activision was founded in 2008 when american video game companies, activision and blizzard entertainment merged together. It is most known for its games like Call of duty and world of warcraft. Last year it generated about 8.1 Billion US dollars in revenue.

6. Electronic Arts (EA):

Based in redwood city, california, EA is a well known name in the gaming sector. Last year EA made a gaming revenue of 5.5 billion dollars with FIFA 21 being the best selling game.

7.Epic games:

Founded in 1991, it is a US based company that is most known for Fortnite and has earned a revenue of 4.2 Billion

8.Take two Interactive:

Take Two Interactive is a new york based gaming company, in 2020 it made a revenue of 3.1 Billion US dollars.

9. Sega Sammy:

Sega Sammy is a japanese gaming company that made a revenue of 2.3 Billion with Total war saga being the best selling game.

10. Bandai Namco:

Also a Japanese gaming company, Bandai Namco made a revenue of 2.2 Billion USD with Dragon Ball Z being the most profitable game sold.

Choice for Career

The gaming and animation industry in India are rapidly growing and if you want to pursue a career in IT and Software and be part of the entertainment industry, Gaming and animation industry are the best possible sectors.

The tremendous growth of this sector over the decades has opened a voluminous market for professionals, experts, and technicians in the sector. There is a pressing need for professionals in different levels of the industry. This demand for high quality professionals has managed to raise the bar for remuneration in the digital gaming market. Depending on the attributes of the individual such as skill set, creative talents, educational knowledge, the growth opportunities in the gaming sector are almost limitless.

A job in the 3D Animation Industry can also lead to many lucrative career opportunities. Working in the animation industry is not only about the money but also creative and enjoyable, as an animator you can engage and enjoy the process of materializing the concepts and designs. And as any other creative industry this industry is also highly competitive and if you want to make your spot then you should strengthen your portfolio.

List of Careers

1.Art Director:

The Art director is in charge of all the artistic visuals that are represented in the final project. The art director is responsible for all the artistic elements and styles of the final game.

2. Character designer:

The character designer visualises and creates the outer body of any character in the game.

3. Time management skills:

While creating a scene on the computer, the lighting artist enhances the atmosphere, depth, tone and mood of the scene using light.

4. Storyboard artist:

The storyboard artist provides a blueprint of final products for visual illustration. Storyboard artist helps the rest of the team by giving them a brief idea of the final product.

5. Animator:

The animation director is responsible for creating key character animations and creating animation outlines for everyone to follow.

6. Animation director:

The animator uses computer graphics to create moving pictures and illustrations. Animators can work in multiple industries other than gaming, such as Film, Television etc.

How to Start

If you are highly creative, animation and gaming is one of the best career pathways for you. To have a career in animation and gaming, you must have a bachelor’s degree, diploma or completed a certified animation and VFX course in a similar field.
To become a game developer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Graphics, animation, gaming, film making, computer science or any other related field. After this you would also need to have a strong portfolio.

Still confused about where to start?

The team of Career Counsellors and guides at MyCareerBuddha can help you find the right pathway for your career and give you proper guidance about the colleges, courses and skills that you need to pursue in order to realise your dream.


The Gaming and  animation industry is huge and growing, there is huge potential for anyone thinking to pursue a career. Gaming and animation has come a long way in terms of technology, and there are millions of money put into developing a game and animation and still there is a need for talented professionals. Other than sales, Advertising in gaming industryalso contributes to its revenue.

The gaming industry is also part of pop culture due to its rise in popularity in the past decade. Hence it is not possible for it to get out of mainstream popularity any time soon.

Hope we have helped you understand the importance of the Animation and Gaming industry and its various job roles.

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