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Colour keying is a very important part of high end productions like animations, music videos and films and television. Color keying establishes the specific look and feel to the background and the overall project. Color key coordinator artists provide a valuable input for the production teams involved animation features, television creators and film creators by creating background images and colour keys to go with the overall scenes.

They have a good eye for color schemes and advanced software skills in using programmes like adobe photoshop and illustrator that they use for color grading and color styling. They work to affect the look and feel of a scene with color tones as they seem fit.

Interested in building a career as a Colour Artist?

If you wish to make your career as a Colour Artist, you must know its daily responsibilities and profile.

This Blog gives you an idea of what a working life in a Colour key artist is like.


A color key artist also known as background painters or look development painters create color schemes that are appropriate for different lighting conditions like “night time” or “underwater”. Color key artists create color schemes in animations, paint and design animation backgrounds and they coordinate with technical directors on light rigging. Color key artists are an integral part of the animation and gaming industry.

Duties and Responsibilities



If you are a fresher who is looking to make a career as a color key artist, then here are some of the best online certifications that you will definitely need to look out for to take your knowledge and expertise to a higher level.

Now, let’s view some of those certifications which you can opt for:

1.Intro to Graphic Design: Expressing Emotion with Color Theory

This course will give you a great introduction to graphic design for communicating thoughts, feelings and emotions with color theory.

2. Color Theory Basics: Learning Color Theory With Adobe Color

This course taught by Phillip Dillow will really help you understand & implement color theory using Adobe Colour in your work today.

3.Understanding Color & How to Mix It

This course taught by Elizabeth Tucker will give you a thorough understanding of how to choose, match color quickly and efficiently by making the better use of color wheel, etc.

4.The Beginner’s Guide to Color Theory for Digital Artists

This course designed by Kurt Michael helps you practically apply color theory to your art & from being afraid of color.

5.Color Theory for Designers

This course walks you through the basic theory of color, color systems used in design and technology & how to create killer color combinations that work.

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Skills Required

If you wish to be a Key Colors artist then you require to have some soft skills, abilities and personality traits, along with your formal education. Here is a list of accompanying skills that you would require to prevail in an organization.

IT Skills

The Color key artist must have a strong knowledge of graphic editing software like Adobe illustrator and photoshop along with experience working with high end 3D tools.

Creative Skills

The color key artists must understand Types of Colors in Art, color theory, perspective, and have a strong sense of lights, shadow and depth.

They also must have good concept drawing skills to create unique characters and environments and render images with little to no reference at all.

Time Management Skills

The Color key artists work on multiple projects that could take a lot of time. Usually in the animation and gaming sectors, the projects have to strictly be delivered on the agreed date and schedule.

Attention to Details

Creating a color scheme for a scene is a very challenging task and you must pick every single detail in the background. Attention to detail is very essential to be the best at your job

Teamwork Skills

The key Color Painters have to work with Videographers, creative artists, graphic designers, art directors etc. it is essential to coordinate for the growth of the company and best results.

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Work Environment

Color key artists work mostly in the animation, gaming and digital graphics industry. They are able to schedule their own office hours, however they need to attend the team meetings and work overtime to meet urgent deadlines.

They need to communicate and collaborate with creative directors, storyboard artists, motion graphics artists, or any other members involved in the projects.

Some Color key artists work as freelancers and work for different companies.

Salary Package

The average salary of a Color key artist is around 20,000 INR to 30,000 INR in india.

The scale may differ as per different companies, location and the individuals skills and experience.


Color key artists are an integral part of the creative process involved in creating animation and graphic design and concept art. The demand for skilled color key artists is more than ever now due to the progress in technology. If you wish to be a color key artist then you must have a profound knowledge of colors as well as programs like photoshop and illustration.

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