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A VFX editor is also known as a Visual Effects Editor is a person who is in charge and completely responsible for all the visual effects that are put in movie production. The VFX editor works as a medium of information between Movie or tv show production crew that shoots the live-action footage, and The visual effects studio that creates the visual effects for the production. 

The editor can be directly employed by the film or TV production studio or they can be employed by a studio. The role of a VFX editor varies depending on their employer.

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To become a VFX editor you must understand the Jobs profile and Responsibilities

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Job Description

The VFX editors are responsible for collating and incorporating all the Editing and  VFX shots that were created into the Current version of the film.  In the early stages of the movie, this could mean the storyboards, the animatics, pre visual, post visual, and live-action.

 As the post-production of the movie progresses they will collate all daily submissions into the current edit. The VFX editors run their daily sessions working together with the supervision team. They carefully manage past submissions to allow VFX supervisors and directors to compare progress and give feedback through iterations. The VFX editors must work closely with the Editors and the production team to manage all incoming media and outgoing deliverable final products.

Job Duties and Responsibilities



Apple Certified Pro- Final Cut Pro X and Apple Certified Associate - Final Cut Pro X

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Skills Required

If you wish to become a VFX Editor, look at the accompanying skills you need to prevail in the industry.

IT Skills

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Non-IT Skills

1.Editing Skills

The VFX Editor must have good editing skills and be able to input it in the movie using VFX Video Editing Softwares.

2.Communication Skills

The VFX editors need to have great communication skills as they need to understand what the desired effects are and give effective direction to other editors working on the project. They need to understand the client’s requirements and keep them informed and updated.

3. Time Management Skills

They need to make sure that the project stays on track and for this reason, they need to have excellent time management skills and work well even under pressure towards the end of production when the deadlines are tight.

4. Artistic Skills

A VFX Editor must know about the color patterns, lighting difference, and art in general, hence having a strong artistic skill is important for a rendering artist. They need to understand how shapes, colors, textures, and light work together after being processed by computer graphics.

Work Environment

The Editors work closely with directors, producers, and editors during the post-production process. They work in a VFX studio and sometimes at the set of the movie. 

Their Schedule is very tight, as they have to deliver the final edited version of the movie during the post-production, working under a lot of pressure.

Salary Package

The average salary of a VFX Editor in India Ranges Between 200,000 INR to 10,00,000 INR Per year. The salary range is not fixed for all as it defers as per the skills, working experience, and company policy and location.


The Bottom line is that being a VFX editor is a Tough Job however it is for people who are passionate about film making. This is a highly positioned job hence you need experience in the Film industry making edits and learning the process before making it big as a VFX editor.

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